What we're about

Hello and welcome to our Group introduction.

The Law of Attraction is one of the most well-known Spiritual Laws just as most people are aware of the Law of Gravity as a scientific law. In this Meetup we will explore the many aspects of the Law of Attraction and how it interacts with the other Spiritual Laws as it does not work in isolation. Harnessing the Law of Attraction together with other Spiritual laws makes the Law of Attraction far more powerful.

Our desire is to help people to connect with both themselves and the Universe and for them to be their intended abundant selves.

Our workshops are for people new to the Law of Attraction and the other Spiritual Laws as well as for more experienced practitioners. The only thing you need to bring to our events is positive intent.

Let’s work together to create something special!

Love & Blessings

Jon and Elara xx

PS This Group was originally founded by Benjamin Stubbs: http://www.TheHappinessTrail.com

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