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Creating greater harmony, balance and health through Prayer/Meditation and Intention is what this group is about. It is an aspect of the Law of Attraction. Our thoughts and feelings are constantly vibrating out from us and attracting experiences and circumstances back in our direction.

Spending time together to support each other and to visualize and focus our attention on our desires and needs while generating empowering emotions is a great way to achievement. Overcoming fears and negative emotions is also strengthening and beneficial. The group's current focus is on healing at all or any level. If you have the desire to help others or be helped in this way please join in. A warm welcome awaits you.

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Together We are Stronger

9d Irving Burgess Close

This is to discuss a new group being setup with the idea of having weekly or fortnightly meetings where we can pool our self help resources and help empower each other, support each other and improve in the areas we wish to.
The invitation to meetings is open to all at first but once a group has been established, new membership will be by invitation only and the group size limited to a maximum of around 6 to 8 of us.
As the group host I have a wide range knowledge and experience with self help practices and hope to attract others with knowledge and experience into this group as well as those starting out and those in between.
The venue is my home and many of you will have been to meetings here before the limitations of Covid.
Hope to see you soon

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First day of Reiki Level 1 Training Course

9d Irving Burgess Close


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