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We are here to enhance life’s journey for ourself and each other. I love learning about the Universe to purposely attract health, wealth and happiness. Let’s get together creating a synergy to make your desires happen! Sharing our creative visions of an abundant future uplifts us all.

Different gatherings will be for different purposes: Some will be for meditations. Some for book study or video study. Some for intentions. Or ????

A bit about me: I am a life long learner and believe we have amazing untapped potentials. I have attended workshops with Dr. Joe Dispensa including his Intensive and Progressive programs and February 2019 attended an Advanced weeklong retreat in Vancouver, BC. Using his meditations my health has improved. I have been part of a Group of 8 for over a year and part of Lynne McTaggart’s 2018 Intention Master Class. I was also in her Become a Better Healer Course. Conferences and workshops I’ve had the good fortune to attend were with Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden and Lee Carroll (Kryon) and a few others. I am a trained Psyck-K facilitator. I meditate daily and am in awe of the many wonderful things happening with human consciousness in a time that often appears in direct contradiction.

In payment of my hosting through Meetup (yes, Meetup charges) an energy exchange of dharma (do good, raise your own energy and others by smiling, donating your time and energy, blessing the driver that cut you off, doing extra acts of kindness) is requested.

If you have failed to attend any gatherings after two months, you will need to resubscribe to this Meetup. This is so you are not getting unwanted notices. My Meetup fees do go up by 50% with 50 members or more and I prefer to keep my energy costs low.

Upcoming events (5+)

A Course in Miracles

Unity of Olympia

4:30-5:30 A Course in Miracles (ACIM) Come and discover the matrix of our three dimensional world through the classic ACIM. We will read and discuss text, look at the activities presented and bend our minds a little. This will be an ongoing class as we hope to make it through this incredible book. If you are participating in Quantum Activism Through Meditation you might find some serendipitous links to wrap your consciousness around.

Quantum Activism Through Meditation

Unity of Olympia

5:45-7:15 Quantum Activism Through Meditation Each week we will pick from my library of Dr. Joe Dispenza meditations. All meditations are 45 minutes or more in length so be prepared to possibly go into the Void. Please be respectful of partipants/meditators by arriving so that you can be settled in and ready to start by 5:45. I will host weekly meditations through June at this day and time.

Becoming SuperNatural, by Dispenza - Book Study on Zoom Chapter

This is an online book study for interested individuals to get together to discuss “Becoming Supernatural, how common people are doing the uncommon” by Dr. Joe Dispenza. Bring your book, login to Zoom and we will discuss the book. Since it is online, your home is the location. We will be covering one or two chapters a week in the comfort of our homes until we finish the book. If you are interested sign up and I will send you the Zoom link or you may look on Facebook at the Seattle Dr. Joe Dispenza Group.

“What If Upping” what You Want to Attract

Unity of Olympia

Based on Mendi Audlin’s book we will look at some of the infinite possibilities out there for your bountiful life and resonate with them on an individual and group level. Come and feel the positive energy of sharing and supporting each oth in our journey.

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Quantum Activism Through Meditation

Unity of Olympia

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