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This Meetup group is for salespeople who want to unlock the secret behind "The Secret" for themselves and create a smoother, easier, and more enjoyable path to massive sales success. (If you're not a salesperson but would like to attend in order to gain more insight into the Law of Attraction, feel free to join us as well)!

You will gain valuable insight into what is blocking you from experiencing more success and, if you choose to participate, you will experience an immediate improvement of your sales success through the dissolving of those blocks (aka "resistance").

Gina Mallison, your host and guide, is a long-time corporate Sales Trainer and personal development enthusiast who has always been driven to find self-actualization techniques that work consistently - for the purpose of improving her success and the success of others.

This drive and passion has led her to develop a deep understanding and mastery of the Law of Attraction. She combines that understanding with her advanced training in modern neuroscience and neuroplasticity to deliver sales coaching techniques that offer massive and immediate improvement to sales effectiveness. A true quantum-leap.

Attendees will develop a deeper understanding of how the Law of Attraction works, and learn techniques and practices they can do on their own to experience an easier, more satisfying, and more enjoyable journey along any path of their life.

While not a prerequisite, it is helpful to already be familiar with the teachings of Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction. The most common initial source of this information is from their best-selling book "Ask and It is Given", or from the movie "The Secret".

Although this Meetup is focused on success in sales, it is common for attendees to experience improvement in sleep, health, and overall wellbeing by participating in the exercises.

Additional sources of relevant information:

Abraham Hicks: "The Law of Attraction", "Money, and The Law of Attraction", "Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent", "Astonishing Power of Emotions", "The Vortex", "Sara Book 1", "Sara Book 2", "Sara Book 3", "Getting into the Vortex - Guided Meditations"

Napoleon Hill: "Think & Grow Rich"

Candace Pert, PhD: "Molecules Of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine"

Bruce Lipton, PhD: "The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles"

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