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    Wow have things changed. 2014 was the year of crap and chaos and now we are flowing in to 2015, the year of peace and abundance....

    The earth is shifting, the magnetic grids are shifting and the veil is lifting of course there are going to be some humans that get uncomfortable. Life as we know it will always have changes. The key is to be so balanced that we can ride out any storm with grace and humor.

    In 2015 I am starting a Spiritual Mastermind group. We are the lightworkers and the leaders of tomorrow. How can we truly lead if we, ourselves, are not of the highest vibration and open mind?

    I have stuff I am going throught, we all do, but that does not mean sit and wait for what is given to you, it means participate in the shift and make it the best it possibly can be. Lets get together and create some great energy together...

    January is the month of free here at the center. Check out the website!

    Meet up with other people who are interested in using the Secret, the Law of Attraction, the Power of Intention, Quantum Physics and a wealth of other positive ideas to attract abundance/prosperity, and encourage self-discovery and growth.

    We're exploring many different topics from many different experts. There is a world of possibilities and the way each meeting runs will be completely influenced by the people attending. One of our past meetings we learned about Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, It was great. One way to learn more aobut it is to go to , The discussion was enlightening and diverse. The networking and conversation after the class ended was wonderful.

    This facility began a group 6 years ago called the Positive Thinkers League. The concept was to promote positive thinking and build a community of like minded people that wanted to affect the community in a purposeful move with creative consciousness. When 2 or 3 are gathered together the power is intensified. When the group is focused with positive energy how far can we go????

    If you are interested in changing your life for the better, consistently raising your vibration or deepening your understanding of the law of attraction and how to use it for health, love and abundance then you are in the right place. The more people know about this wonderful information the better off WE ALL are!!

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