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Blended Energy Community for Working Women is a community outreach to give voice to moms who are ready to be heard.

This is your tribe if you are ready to courageously stand for something new and stop repeating the past. Let’s come together and build each other up in strength and pave the way for our kids and future generations to come.

What’s your story?

Are you telling the story about all the struggle and the pain of your ancestors handed down to you?

The good news is, your history does not have to define who you are. What if you could change history and create a new story for future generations to tell?

Changing history lies within your self-healing journey toward happiness and wholeness. This raises your vibrational frequency which holds you in a higher state of consciousness. This frequency not only impacts everyone around you, but also sends out a ripple effect that changes history.

Your old self wants to play it safe. Repeating the same old mindset, same old habits and patterns, telling the same old story. We find comfort in routine. How comforting is it really? Is ‘same shit different day’ comforting? It’s the #1 reason why you stay stuck, confused, frustrated, agitated and some days down right ready to throw in the towel.

Would you tell your kids to play it safe? Would you tell them, ‘Don’t take any risks, you might get hurt’. If you aren’t willing to change negative cycles in your life that keep you stuck, how do you expect your kids to risk stepping into the unknown?

Together we can make the impossible seem possible!

Choose to say ‘YES’ to CHANGE.

Choose to say ‘YES’ to YOU.



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Manifesting With Your Higher Self


Manifest with your higher self This class is for busy moms who are interested in personal growth. You are goal oriented. You love to serve others. You want to make an impact. You feel called to be more but just don’t have the time to find out what it is. In this class you will learn how to connect with your inner wisdom so that you can get crystal clear on what your next step is on your spiritual path. Parking on the street. Light snack will be served. Be prepared to take notes. Come 5 minutes early so we can get started right on time!!

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