Millard Canyon to Tom Sloan Saddle. San Gabreils 8-10 miles 1800' gain.


Location image of event venue


The Hike... This is such a beautiful area, very forested, with water in the creek most of the year. There should be a lot of water in the creek now! Be prepared to get your shoes wet.
At the top of Chaney Drive there is a white gate which we will walk around & hike on the service road for about a mile. Then drop down into the canyon.
After a few miles we'll see the Dawn Mine on the left, we can stop here as its a nice place for a snack. The mine was recently boarded up so no more exploring inside. :( After snack continue on into what is known as "The Grand Canyon" for short ways. We'll then see the trail heading up on the left to the Tom Sloan saddle.
This part of the trail is steep, about 1,000' in 1.6 miles, but we are Advanced hikers right? Once we are at the saddle, we could take a short break, snack etc.& then head back.
I have some pictures of the trail under photos.

Important directions :) Take the 210 West & exit Fair Oaks street. Turn right until you hit Loma Alta street. Turn left & about 2 blocks down is Chaney street. We will park along Loma Alta Street & Chaney drive. From here we will put everyone in as few cars as possible to drive up the short ways to the trailhead.
Don't be late!
Give yourself plenty of time to get here. :)