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This group is designed for all beginners who really want to dive into software programming and change their mindset.

Le Wagon is a community for startups, creative people and entrepreneurs. We are a network of 1000+ web professionals, active in 19 cities across Europe and the world, from Paris to London, Tokyo to Shanghai, and now Chengdu. Our mission is to bring technical skills to creative people. We want to make code accessible so more people can build their ideas, change their outlook, and become active participants in the technological revolution!

We welcome participants from all walks of life and backgrounds: business school graduates, electronic, mechanical and aeronautical engineers, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 employees, women in tech, first-time coders, creatives looking for career-changing skills, and more.

In addition to our intensive coding bootcamp in Chengdu, we are incredibly excited to invite all curious minds to our meetups! Don’t expect small talks and networking only; we're in the business of knowledge exchange and you can expect our workshops to be educational and insightful. Come and learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and much more with us!

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> WeChat Official Account ID: LeWagon
> Email: chengdu(at)lewagon.org
> Site: http://www.lewagon.com/chengdu

If you're interested in diving deeper, you can explore our coding bootcamps happening this year.👇

1️⃣ Part Time Product Development [English, Chinese support]

🗓 Oct 11 - Dec 12, 2020 in Chengdu

🔗 https://info.lewagon.com/china-part-time

💥 10% Early Bird Discount until August 10, 2020

2️⃣ Full Time Data Science [English]

🗓 Oct 19 - Dec 18, 2020, remote via Shanghai campus

🔗 https://www.lewagon.com/shanghai/data-science-course/full-time

💥 10% Early Bird Discount until August 19, 2020

Feel free to invite your friends if they’d like to join our community. 💪

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乘风破浪的你 - 2020程序媛挑战 | Tech Girl Challenge 2020

WeWork Leading Center (领地中心)

This event is in Chinese, though course materials will be provided in English. Instructors are bilingual. *This is a paid event, please register at: http://hdxu.cn/Y5Zgl 2020程序媛挑战期望: ✔️改善中国科技领域中男女比例不平均 ✔️助力更多的女性学习编程知识 ✔️鼓舞并激发更多的女性在STEM相关领域的潜力 第一步 参加一日的SQL和Python工作坊 第二步 免费获取30小时的在线数据分析课程 第三步 完成挑战的申请者将得到15%的课程奖学金 Le Wagon女性数据编程日 - 7月18日 Le Wagon 女性数据编程日是一个全天的编程工作坊。如果你是一个对数据科学感兴趣的女性,那这个工作坊将会非常符合你的兴趣! 我们的老师将会教授基本的数据分析方法,可以应用于日常的工作或学习的使用。这次,我们将会使用英文的课程材料,以中文为授课语言,我们的老师都是中英熟练使用者。 学习成果: 在这一整天的学习中,你将会: ✔️了解数据库的组成,学会如果使用SQL提取相应数据 ✔️学会基础的Python命令,体验作为数据分析师的一天 ✔️实际体验时下最火热的大数据工作软件和使用方法 工作坊日程安排: 9:00 | 欢迎和准备 提前到达上课地点,认识一下志同道合的小伙伴。 9:30 - 12:00 | SQL工作坊 作为一个数据科学分析师,每一个人都需要懂得如何用SQL与数据库沟通。在这个工作坊里,你将会体验SQL语言的神奇之处,并且尝试初次与数据库对话! 13:00 - 15:30 | Python和数据分析工作坊 大数据,机器学习,人工智能,相信你一定从新闻和媒体中听过这些名字。在下午的工作坊中,你将体验这些热门名词背后的技术和使用方法,学习Python这个编程语言,在生动的商业案例和现实生活里的数据库中体验数据分析师的一天。 15:30 之后 | 放松时间 经历了一天的学习,是时候放松并犒劳一下自己了!和你的小伙伴交流一下学习心得吧! 课程设计: 每个工作坊都由1个小时的讲座和实际应用组成。你将会快速应用你学到的理论知识,付诸实践! 前期准备: 我们欢迎零基础的小伙伴加入!记得带好你的电脑和充电器!

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