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Le Wagon is a coding bootcamp that teaches students to develop web applications from scratch. Our cutting-edge curriculum and world-class teachers give students all the skills and tools needed to kick-start their tech career, land a job as software developers or product managers, or launch their own startup.

We have been rated #1 in the world for 3 years in a row (https://www.switchup.org/rankings/best-codi...;

We have 2 progams available

1. 9-week intensive full-time bootcamp

2. 24-week part-time bootcamp

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Le Wagon Talk with Svetlana Bozhko, Senior Engineering Manager for Cisco Meraki

✨Registration required on Eventbrite ✨ https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/le-wagon-talk-with-svetlana-bozhko-senior-engineering-manager-for-cisco-tickets-84176996663 Svetlana Bozhko is a Senior Engineering Manager at Cisco Meraki, having joined in June 2019 from her previous role of Engineering Manager at BuzzFeed. At Cisco Meraki, she is now scaling engineering presence in London and building a new team to work on distributed systems. Sveta is paving the way towards a more inclusive tech industry, in which diverse groups of people can thrive. Sveta started her career as a Software Engineer and has worked in such industries as banking, gaming, programmatic advertising, processing sensor data, and on-demand delivery. Originally from Belarus, Sveta moved to the UK to build her startup at Entrepreneur First, a London-based accelerator programme, where she learned a lot - lots of ups and downs. A fun fact abut Sveta: she co-hosts a weekly tech podcast called DevZen with 1M+ downloads. Cisco Meraki is a cloud-managed IT company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Their products include wireless, switching, security, enterprise mobility management and security cameras, all centrally managed from the web. Meraki was acquired by Cisco Systems in December 2012. We look forward to meeting you soon! Le Wagon team

Javascript for Beginners

Le Wagon London

⚡️Registration required on Eventbrite⚡️ ->https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/javascript-for-beginners-tickets-89762789921 This is the third workshop in a series of three: 21/01 Landing Page 28/01 GitHub 04/02 Javascript Let's go through JavaScript core notions together. This programming language is very popular. It's been used by all web browsers for more than 15 years and every web developer will code some JS during his career. In addition to that, lots of cool JS frameworks were built recently, like React.js from Facebook. What you will learn: - History and background - Variables & Types - Conditions - Loops - Functions - Objects - DOM - jQuery - AJAX

Le Wagon Talk with Brian Waterfield - JLR Digital Manufacturing Manager

⚡️Registration required on Eventbrite ⚡️ ->https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/le-wagon-talk-with-brian-waterfield-jlr-digital-manufacturing-manager-tickets-84179171167 Brian is the Digital Manufacturing Manager for Jaguar Land Rover and Co-Founder of Immerse UK - the company on a mission to be the global leader in applications of immersive technologies (high-end visualisation, virtual, mixed and augmented reality, haptics and other sensory interfaces with data). He’s gained over 30 years of experience working with Jaguar Land Rover on VR innovation & is based at Warwick University. Jaguar Land Rover is a British multinational automotive company, aiming to “reinvent what tomorrow looks like” with its products, cutting-edge facilities and continued growth across its 170 markets. We look forward to meeting you soon! Le Wagon team

Le Wagon Open Evening

Le Wagon London

⚡️Registration required on Eventbrite ⚡️->https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/le-wagon-open-evening-tickets-90968845265 Want to change your life in 2020? Whether you want to work in a startup, become a full-stack developer or launch your own project, learning to code is a good way to get started. Le Wagon is an intensive program where creative people can learn to code, either in 9 week or 24 week formats. 6,000 alumni have been trained since 2013, who've gone on to start careers as developers, product managers, entrepreneurs, etc. For further information, come to our Open Evening. We will present you the detailed program, as well as products developed by our alumni. You will also learn more about our alumni careers. And last but not least, it will be a great opportunity to meet Le Wagon team and discover our office! We look forward to meeting you soon! Le Wagon team

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Git and GitHub for Beginners

Le Wagon London

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