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We teach you the tech skills to future-proof your career and take up your next challenge through immersive Web Development and Data Science coding bootcamps across 39+ cities and 22 countries. Since 2013, our cutting-edge curriculum and world-class teachers have given 7,300+ professionals from all backgrounds the skills and tools needed to kick-start their tech career, land a job as a software developer, product manager, join a data science team, or launch their own startup.

We have been rated #1 (https://www.switchup.org/bootcamps/le-wagon) in the world for 4 years in a row 🥇

We have 3 programs available

9-week intensive full-time bootcamp (https://www.lewagon.com/mexico/program/full-time)

24-week part-time bootcamp (https://www.lewagon.com/mexico/program/part-time)

9-week full-time Data Science bootcamp (https://www.lewagon.com/mexico/data-science-course/full-time)

Apply! (https://www.lewagon.com/mexico) 🚀

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Launch your Product: Tools and Metrics from idea to Product/Market fit

**Se requiere inscripción en Eventbrite** ->https://www.eventbrite.com/e/launch-your-product-tools-and-metrics-from-idea-to-productmarket-fit-tickets-122123579915 This workshop is a technical overview of all the skills, tools and culture necessary to launch a web product. You will also learn useful services and tools that entrepreneurs can use to activate their landing, automate processes, track metrics, prototype their MVP... This workshop is designed for beginners and there's no need to bring a laptop. What you will learn: - Define a product pitch, using examples of startups launched by Le Wagon alumni - Introduction to the AARRR framework - Basics on how the internet works, what's HTTP, what's an API - Overview of the main entrepreneurs tools (mailchimp, Typeform, Formkeep, Google Analytics, Zapier, Olark etc..).

The 2-hour Landing Page

Online event

**Se requiere inscripción en Eventbrite** ->https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-2-hour-landing-page-tickets-122123987133 Code and design your landing page in only 2 hours! A very satisfying workshop where students will code and design their own landing page using HTML/CSS & the Twitter Bootstrap CSS library. We will also cover lots of design pro-tips to find icons, fonts, colours. What you will learn: - HTML / CSS core notions - Lots of graphical tips and tools (fontawesome, Google Fonts, coolors, etc.) - Introduce Bootstrap and its responsive grid system

UI & Design Crash Course

Online event

**Se requiere inscripción en Eventbrite** ->https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ui-design-crash-course-tickets-122124125547 Learn to quickly build a set of icons, a logo, a newsletter banner or even a mockup for your app. We'll cover everything you need to know to build your graphical assets using the latest and coolest resources for the best pictures, icons, colours, fonts, and patterns. You will also get general knowledge about standard UI components as well as designer tricks and secrets. What you will learn: - Use Sketch, a popular graphical tool used in startups, to refine your icons, change their colour and shape, export them, and customise any assets (logo, icons, newsletter banner, etc.) - Discover UI components and how they are built. - Design tricks and tips: how to build a nice shadow? Add a filter to a cover pic? resize pictures with different proportions? Create masks? etc...

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Technical workflow in startups

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