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Le Wagon ( https://www.lewagon.com ) is in business to demystify code !
You're a designer, entrepreneur, you work with developers ? You would like to better understand what happens behind the scenes ? Or you started to learn to code on your own and want to ask specific questions?
Bring your laptop and come attend our workshops! Analytics, UX/UI, Ruby on Rails, Product,.. all topics will be tackled (no BS!) with live coding sessions, concrete & actionable take-aways !

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How can learning to code change your life? Info Session @Norrsken !

Welcome to our public Lunch & Learn series at Norrsken House! Do you have an idea that can change the world? Are you starting a company or forming a team? Are you a student with a dream to set up a startup? Do you need help with structuring your idea, business model, business plan, team dynamics, value proposition, pitch deck? Are you a company in early stage and need help with growth planning? -------------------- How can learning to code change my life? We have the answers to this question! On October 22nd, come to Norrsken House to learn about Le Wagon. Le Wagon is the globally leading Web Development bootcamp - according to Coursereport & Switchup - now present now in over 35 cities across the globe and with almost 6,000 alumni worldwide. We are starting in Stockholm with our FullStack Web Development Bootcamp in January 2020, a very product-driven 9-week intense program teaching the core concepts of programming and web development. During the course, you will learn how to build robust and beautiful web applications by themselves, collaborate within a team of developers and adopt the technical workflow followed by successful startups. Aside technical skills, you will also learn how to think and solve problems like a developer by breaking complex problems into smaller ones. By the end of the course, you will be able to learn a new programming language or framework by yourself, which is extremely important in the fast-paced environment of web-development! Our alumni are now web developers, tech entrepreneurs, freelancers, product managers, digital consultants and much more! Why not you?

Javascript for Beginners

Impact Hub Stockholm

**Registration required on Eventbrite** ->https://www.eventbrite.com/e/javascript-for-beginners-tickets-75844788805 Ever heard about JavaScript ? Come to our FREE workshop and learn more about it ! We will go through JavaScript core notions together. This programming language is very popular. It's been used by all web browsers for more than 15 years and every web developer will code some JS during his career. In addition to that, lots of cool JS frameworks were built recently, like React.js from Facebook. What you will learn: - History and background - Variables & Types - Conditions - Loops - Functions - Objects - DOM - jQuery - AJAX

Product Management 101

Impact Hub Stockholm

**Registration required on Eventbrite** ->https://www.eventbrite.com/e/product-management-101-tickets-76430049335 Lots of entrepreneurs struggle to explain their product in a clear and concise way. As an entrepreneur, this workshop will give you a simple methodology to precisely define the product you want to build and work efficiently with developers and designers without unnecessary processes or misunderstandings. We will cover all the important steps in the conception of a technical product. You will learn to precisely define your value proposition, make a basic mockup of your app using Sketch, write and organise your user stories on Trello. You will also be able to determine the core database scheme of your product. We will take lots of real-life example (Product Hunt, Airbnb, etc..) to illustrate this workshop. What you will learn: - Product pitch - Mockup - Database - User stories

API for Beginners

Impact Hub Stockholm

**Registration required on Eventbrite** ->https://www.eventbrite.com/e/api-for-beginners-tickets-75851703487 APIs are taking over the world! APIs are everywhere, though you have a hard time figuring out exactly what it's about. This workshop sheds light on that notion through several examples of web APIs you use in your daily life (Google Maps, Twitter, Twilio). What you will learn: - Integrate a call to Google Geocoding API - Send a text message with Twilio API - How to use Webhooks and Zapier

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Introduction to Programming

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