Navigating the Startup Tides: Shaker's Multimillion Dollar Story

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About the talk:
Shaker was a real rollercoaster experience - it went from instant success (winning TechCrunch Disrupt 2011) to a big slap in the face, to a pivot, and eventually success. During this exciting journey we have learnt so much, about our product, about our audience and most importantly - about ourselves. It made us realise that we were not learning, no matter how hard we thought we were... This led to a set of changes - in working methods and processes, in the way we perceive our product and in our
general mindset. Did it work? Let’s keep it our little teaser..

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About the speaker:
Oren is a seasoned entrepreneur, VP R&D, consultant and mentor to startup management and R&D managers.

He played an active role in several groundbreaking projects and initiatives ranging from online advertising to natural language processing; from social platforms to AR and computer vision; from B2B to B2C to B2B2C.

Oren served as VP/Head of R&D at Double Fusion, Peer39, Shaker, Conduit and Resonai, and was the CEO and Co-founder of Conntigo.

Married, 3 kids, amateur drummer, immature in general.


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