Wagon Talks: Eden Adler, Tech Community Leader


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About Eden:

Eden Adler is a Software Engineer living in Tel Aviv who holds a B.S. in Neuroscience from the University of Michigan. With a vision to impact the medical field through technology, she decided to pivot her professional career towards tech. She enrolled in a coding bootcamp in Tel Aviv, and five months later started working as a software developer at Lemonade.

Her passion for diversifying tech, and bridging the gap between software engineers and the rest of the world, led her to create ‘What the Tech’, an Instagram account aimed at peaking the interest of those who never considered a career in tech. She is also one of the team members behind, ‘Women of Startup Nation’, an online community with nearly 18,000 members. An immigrant to Israel herself, she is also a board member of Olim in Tech, a group whose goal is to help immigrants create a network to thrive in Israel’s tech ecosystem.

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