GitHub Talk : Don't Underestimate The --force


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In this talk, we will understand why it can be dangerous, learn when we should use it and master how to use it in a harmless way. If you'd ever wanted to know what's a commit, a push or a conflict, this workshop is made for you!

This talk will be performed by Noaa Barki, an experienced full-stack developer currently working at Datree. She is a senior alumna of Israel's 8200 intelligence unit and one of the organizers of Github User Group IL.

Here are some of the hottest topics she will tackle:

♥ Branches in a Nutshell
♥ Rewriting History commands
♥ Git push command and the --force flags
♥ Restore repository after destructive push --force(git reflog, gif log)

👉🏼 This workshop will be held in English


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*Please note, entry to Shalom Tower Building will be closed after 7pm. Don't miss out !