Build your first Chrome extension - Workshop

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We're happy to collaborate with Women Who Code Tokyo for this workshop!
Men are welcome to attend this event too 馃檪

Whether it is to pick a color from a web page, manage your passwords or remove all political posts from Facebook, Chrome extensions make your browsing experience smoother and add useful features to your favorite browser.
In this workshop, we'll cover all the basics of how to create your own extension using two simple examples: a font-picking extension and a reading list manager.


鈥 Set up your Chrome Extension in Chrome dev tool
鈥 Recap about the DOM and how to interact with it using JavaScript
鈥 First extension: Creating script to interact with your page
鈥 Recap on how APIs work
鈥 Second extension: Creating script to send data to an API
鈥 Bonus: add your extension to Chrome store!


鈥 Bring your laptop!
鈥 This is a workshop for half-beginners, basic notions of HTML/CSS, JS, JSON, and the DOM will be useful
鈥 Install Chrome ( and any text editor (Sublime Text, Atom, VSC)
鈥 Create a GitHub account (


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