Data Analytics with Python - Workshop


We're excited to bring to you our Data Analytics workshop for the very first time 🚀

One of the challenges of companies over the past few years has been to deal with their data: collect them, store them, and most importantly analyze them to find out insights about their products or customers' behaviors.

Dive into the world of Data Analytics with a very first introduction of how to use Jupyter Notebook and the extremely popular NumPy and Pandas libraries.

Dig into data sets and unleash the power of your data!


• Introduction of Jupyter Notebook, NumPy and Pandas
• What are data analysts, data scientists and data engineers really doing?
• Where to find your data sets?
• How to load and have a first overview of a data set
• How to clean up your data set
• Perform basic data exploration with lists, filtering and re-indexing
• Advanced concepts: Grouping, Advanced Aggregation and Plotting


• Bring your laptop! This is a hands-on workshop.
• Basic Python or programming notions
• Recommended: Install the Anaconda distribution (


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