What we're about

How confident are you of your leadership abilities?
How inspiring do your employees find you?
Would you like to find out?
Join this Meetup.

Most people are uncertain about how well they lead others. You may be leaning too much on your authority to motivate your team and not enough on inspiring them to do their best. I can assess your leadership style and determine what works best for you under normal situations, what happens to you under stress, and help you to maximize your strengths and avoid behaviors that can derail you from being the best leader possible.

My goal is to turn you into a leader that people want to follow. The one people choose to work with. Maximize your success through the help of others. You know how you want your business to grow. Now get others to want the same thing.

Join this Meetup for inspiration, blogs, and workshops that will focus on:
1: Levels of Leadership
2. Leadership Strengths and Gaps
3: Removing Barriers to Success
4: Emotional Intelligence
5: Dynamic Communication
6: Influencing Others
7: Problem Solving
8: Productivity
9: High Energy Relationships
10: Health and Wellness
11: Time Management and Balance

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