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Wondering why you're stuck... or even wondering why you are successful???

Well, you are not alone! This Meetup will facilitate relationships among like-minded people ready to achieve their personal and business success goals... or help those around them to achieve the same. There's power in numbers, and we must realize we are not alone and that we can all be leaders!

Only requirement is that you come with an open mind and are willing to participate. This is a safe place for expression and openness which will help members to benefit from one another. We'll be using the principles taught by Bob Proctor.

Lets share and discuss how you can achieve permanent results and overcome challenges... or elevate others along the way and become a leader!

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Women, Wine, & Waffles - Networking Happy Hour

Wine and Waffles

FREE Webinar: Activating The Flow of Abundance

Free Content Packed Live Webinar

Lunch and Learn- Lead Your Business Lead Your Life

Needs a location

Lunch and Learn- The Science To Lead Your Life

Needs a location

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