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3. Leadership Meetup Budapest @ Stretch Conference

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3. Leadership Meetup Budapest @ Stretch Conference


Let's start 2020 with a very special Leadership Meetup Budapest right after Stretch Conference at Uránia Film Theatre with 3 awesome talks. This will be an English speaking event. Join us!

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🎉 This is the third Leadership Meetup Budapest.

📅 Join us on Thursday 13th February at Uránia Film Theatre.

🕙 Gates open at 18.00, first talk at 18.30.

🍕 Huge thanks to Stretch Conference for venue and snacks.

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🙂 Csaba Sipőcz
💼 Head of Operations @ IBM Budapest Lab
🎙️ Getting Unsmart About Leadership

Just like with any other skills, we read books, articles, do trainings and courses to develop our leadership skills. Yet, leadership is based on a set of different skills deeply wired into our genes. What if got less smart about it and relied on these skills more? It is easier than we'd think.

Started as an early member of Ustream in 2008, Csaba is now the operative leader of IBM Budapest Lab, and oversees their continued success within IBM.

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🙂 Tamás Kadlecsik
💼 CEO @ RisingStack
🎙️ Against All Odds - Rebuilding a Company from a Moral Low Point

Tamas Kadlecsik took over the leadership of RisingStack after the company’s unsuccessful launch of a SaaS product, which left the team with low morals and high hopes for a different direction. Tamas will talk about how he stabilized the company, how he updated the company's service portfolio and what organizational developments he implemented to stabilize the company while maintaining its good reputation on the target market.

Tamás is the CEO of RisingStack, a former Software and Ops Engineer. Focused on Node.js and cloud technologies. Builds a DIY smart home.

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🙂 Tamás Varga
💼 Head of New Product Development @
🎙️ 5 Stages of (Leadership) Development was founded in 2009 as a private start-up, now employs 300 people in 5 countries. How did we grow, what did we learn, what did we do wrong? In the presentation we are going to discover the story of, with a special angle on company and product leadership.

Tamás leads 40 people at, has 10 years e-commerce experience, and was awarded for authentic young leadership in Hungary in 2018.

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You don't need to have a Stretch Conference ticket, attending the meetup is free. All guests are invited for the conference's party after the talks. RSVP now as spots are limited!

Rákóczi út 21 · Budapest
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