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Repeat Performance: Nice Ride Dataset Analysis
Seth agreed to provide an encore presentation of his Aug 14th talk on the Nice Ride Dataset. ******************************************************************************** This will be a <> so if you attended the Aug 14th session, then allow others who were waitlisted on 8/14 to sign up for this meetup. ******************************************************************************** The presentation will cover: You have the data, now what? From NaN values to naming conventions. Even 'clean' data needs cleansing. An exploration of the oddities and issues found within a real-world data set. A generalized view of what he has found, and what he missed. *No python experience necessary, but all processing was done using python. Join us for a tour of data describing one of the bike-friendlier cities. Seth has been working for 10+ yrs. at UPS in warehouse, compliance, management, and logistics. He is studying data science with a specialty in python. As part of that he's been building a portfolio project using the publicly available data at

U Garden Restaurant

2725 University Ave SE · Minneapolis, MN

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