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Are you interested in computational intelligence, machine learning, and artificial intelligence programming? Not sure how to improve your CI skills? Algorithms are the workhorses of our field. Learn them & they will take you to extraordinary digital landscapes.

We are programmers, software engineers and architects, and managers meeting twice per month for lunch. We enlarge our understanding of Extraordinary Algorithms by exchanging tips, techniques, and resources.

Expand your insights through dialogue with other self-directed coders and grow your AI skills.

Join us at the League of Extraordinary Algorithms.

Note for those encountering skepticism:

If you get raised eyebrows from your manager over a lunch hour that's a bit longer than usual, point them to this web-site. Let them know this is a professional networking and skill building group. We meet twice per month.

Participation enhances your professional value by learning new ideas of knowledge processing techniques. The only cost to your manager is a small amount of your time. However, skeptical or no, invite your manager to attend as often as their time permits.

A key factor for incorporating new computational ideas into your value stream is to know about Extraordinary Algorithms and how they will enhance both your, and your company's, productivity.

Special Thanks to Ms. Danielle Feliciano for the Extraordinary Artwork: http://www.daniellefeliciano.com/gallery.ht... (http://www.daniellefeliciano.com/gallery.html)

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A Beginner’s Guide to Docker (for Data Science or otherwise)

Veritas Technologies LLC

Presenter: Dinesh Shenoy, PhD, Data Scientist at Veritas Technologies LLC. Description: I will present a basic introduction to Docker with some starter examples, including one for data science purposes. The intended audience is anyone who is new to Docker, curious about it and /or wants to know what all the fuss is about. It is possible to understand and use Docker effectively / safely without being an expert in it-- which is good because I do not claim to be a Docker expert. Rather, I am an enthusiastic Docker user who feels it is important to have at least a basic understanding of what it is doing “under the hood”, before jumping on the bandwagon. I’ll cover with what Docker is and, equally importantly, what it is not. I will follow that discussion with live examples to show Docker in action. I will also talk a bit about some of the pitfalls and security considerations, and conclude with some tips for where you can go next if you want to learn more. The code examples I use will be made available for your own experimentation after the presentation.

Sequence Models

U Garden Restaurant

Joe will present on sequence models. Specifics to be filled in later

[ to be determined ]

U Garden Restaurant

[ to be filled in later ... ]

[ to be determined ]

U Garden Restaurant

[ to be filled in later ... ]

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General Conversation about AI

U Garden Restaurant

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