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The Product Design Playbook

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With the accelerated adoption of agile and multi-disciplinary teams known as ‘Pods” Product Design, as a profession, is on a trajectory to demand generalist designers over specialized ones. In response to this eventual pivot “The Product Design Playbook" is a comprehensive collection of methodologies and concepts that will guide designers and teams alike to build high quality products quickly and repeatedly.

For this Lean-Agile event, concepts covered will span across the spectrum of continuous agile product development. The presentation is intended to communicate a direct approach to help designers and teams discover and understand what to expect through learning about situational concepts to leverage at any given time throughout the continuous product development process.


About the speaker:

Matthew Voshell is a product designer in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Through his career he designed both SaaS and mobile products for fortune 500 companies. Before becoming a product designer Matthew worked in the cyber security field as a consultant to several different U.S. federal agencies.

His new book "Product Design Playbook: Concepts & Methodologies to Live By" is slated for release this winter.
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