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Agile, Kanban, Lean, Scrum, community in Stockport and surrounding areas. Of particular interest to this group are practices and methods for improving the effectiveness of teams and organisations delivering complex services. Kanban, Lean, Agile, Rightshifting, Continuous Delivery and Systems Thinking are just some of the topics for discussion.

Many of the practices we are expert in are traditionally associated with software development but we are here to help everyone adopt and adapt them to solve other workplace conundrums in our increasingly digitized, fast paced and shrinking world; how to collaborate, how to make sense of complex problems, how to deliver things quickly.

So if you are in software delivery, service delivery, commerce, a start up, a community group, anything with a customer, come along to learn with us and share with us

When: 1st Thursday of each month, 6:30pm onwards. We're normally finished for 8:30/9pm unless otherwise stated.

Cost : All meetings are free and registration is required as the capacity of the venue is often limited.

Our meetings are informal and friendly with plenty of opportunity for discussion and chat.

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For the Love of CoPs... Shelby Wilson on Communities of Practice

For the Love of CoPs... "The term "community of practice" is of relatively recent coinage, even though the phenomenon it refers to is age-old. The concept has turned out to provide a useful perspective on knowing and learning. Though we may be unaware we are all in a Community of Practice and so I want to share with you my love of the COP, why I believe we are all in one without knowing, how they have helped us develop over the years and how they enrich our understanding, skills and practice for the greater good." Shelby Wilson Currently working as an Agile Coach in TSB, Shelby has a focus on people and teams learning and sharing from each other with a major love of Community of Practices. She started her career as a Contracts Law Manager and after being made redundant fell into finance and Agile. Starting her life as a Product Owner, before becoming a Scrum Master and Coach where she is now helping people on their journey using her passion for all things Agile. With this wide range of experience, she brings her passionate, caring nature and crazy, Welsh feel into the Agile community. Follow Shelby's new podcast "She'll Be Agile" https://anchor.fm/shelbyagile Event Sponsors https://www.solutioneers.co.uk

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Punishment Driven Development with Louise Elliott

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