John Miller @agile schools will share successes and strategies.Join the journey!

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Learn more about John, as founder of Rightshift Institute, helping organizations in their Agile transformations through coaching and training. His work and ideas are not only reinvigorating education but he is also revitalizing ways to engage in Agile transformations through his Agile Resonance Coaching method. He has helped a spectrum of organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to at-risk schools, in pivoting their culture to achieve in a fast-changing, competitive world.

Agile in Education has become a very hot topic over the last few years. Agile has found its way into the classrooms of many colleges and universities.

Many educational programs view the incorporation of agile concepts and principles into their curriculum as a path to positively impact learning. There is also an understanding that graduates, as they enter the workforce, are expected to have an agile mindset, that is, possess lean and system thinking, understand organizational design and fit modern organizational structure.

This group will focus on raising agile awareness, delivering agile knowledge, applying agile concepts. It is intended to include people in many dimensions of their education and career.

Let's begin this journey together.