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What we’re about

Lean Business Strategies has hosted 80+ events over the past nine years. We have 1200+ members in our group.

The group organisers are: Joeri (Yuri) Timmermans, John Stathakis & Lee Foster

The purposes of this Meetup:

1) Education on business ideas and methodology that can assist Startups, Enterprises and Governments to make their big jump!

2) Access to genuine thought leaders, that are not commonly found on the "speakers circuit".

3) Platform for networking where you can meet other entrepreneurs and innovation enthusiasts who are genuinely interested in the event topics and not wanting to swap business cards.

Communities that we work with:

• QUT foundry 

River City Labs 

• Australian Computer Society

Global Connection

This Meetup is connected to the global 'Lean Startup Circle' Community, 80,000+ members worldwide that aims to tackle real problems. No matter where you are (

Sponsorship Opportunities 

To cover the costs of food/drinks and other incidentals we make sponsorship opportunities available. Please contact Joeri if you have any questions.