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Lean Business Strategies has hosted 80+ events over the past six years. We have 1100+ members in our group.

The group organisers are: Paul Davies and Joeri (Yuri) Timmermans

The purposes of this Meetup:

1) Education on business ideas and methodology that can assist Startups, Enterprises and Governments to make their big jump!

2) Access to genuine thought leaders, that are not commonly found on the "speakers circuit".

3) Platform for networking where you can meet other entrepreneurs who are genuinely interested in the event topics and not wanting to swap business cards.

Communities that we work with:

• River City Labs (http://www.rivercitylabs.net/)

• Microsoft Innovation Centre (MIC) (https://www.microsoftinnovationcenters.com/)

• The Edge (http://edgeqld.org.au/)

• Business Studio (http://www.slq.qld.gov.au/services/library-spaces/business-studio)

•Fishburners (https://www.microsoftinnovationcenters.com/)

• QUT foundry (https://www.student.qut.edu.au/jobs-and-careers/become-an-entrepreneur/foundry)

• Oracle (https://www.student.qut.edu.au/jobs-and-careers/become-an-entrepreneur/foundry)

Global Connection

This Meetup is connected to the global 'Lean Startup Circle' Community, 80,000+ members worldwide that aims to tackle real problems. No matter where you are (www.leanstartupcircle.com (http://www.leanstartupcircle.com/)).

Sponsorship Opportunities

To cover the costs of food/drinks and other incidentals we make sponsorship opportunities available. Please contact Paul or Joeri if you have any questions.

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Online Event: International Innovation Expert - Testing Business Ideas

Testing Business Ideas using Experimentation Talk Summary David Bland was approached by Alex Osterwalder (creator of the Business Model Canvas) to co-author a new book about 'Testing Business Ideas'. https://www.amazon.com/Rapid-Testing-Business-Ideas-Customer/dp/1119551447 They had both observed a gap between sketching out an idea and finding practical ways to rapidly test it. Building on Business Model Generation, Lean Startup and Value Proposition Design books, they decided to curate a list of experiments for people who are stuck making progress on their idea. Building on the foundation established by Joeri (Yuri) Timmermans (BIGJUMP) and John Stathakis in the joint meetup on the 23rd July, where the concepts of waste, MoSCoW and MVP were introduced, the purpose of this workshop is to demonstrate why you should test your ideas using experimentation and how you can create experiment sequences to test the desirability, viability and feasibility of your business idea. This interactive talk David will apply the principle of "Learning whilst doing" to demonstrate the concepts of the book and facilitate an online exercise for creating your own experiment sequences. Agenda 3:45 - 4:00pm: Welcome & Introductions 4:00 - 4:30pm: Why test your ideas; Advanced Business Model Generation; A Case study in rapid experimentation 4:30 - 4:45pm: Experiment sequence exercise 4:45 - 5:00pm: Q&A This event is co-hosted with Agile Brisbane Meetup and supported by SoftEd, Australian Computer Society (ACS), Project Management Institute (PMI), River City Labs, Lean Startup Sydney Meetup, Sydney Scrum User Group and BIGJUMP - Bringing Innovation to Life Speakers BIO - David Bland, CEO and Founder of Precoil David advises companies on how to find product-market fit using lean startup, design thinking and business model innovation. He’s the co-author of Testing Business Ideas with Alex Osterwalder. David pioneered GE FastWorks with Eric Ries (Author of 'The Lean Startup', advised emerging product teams at Adobe and even mentored Toyota on lean startup practices. Before his transition into advising, David spent over 10 years of his career at technology startups. He stays connected to the startup scene through his work at Singularity University, Draper University, Backstage Capital and several other Silicon Valley accelerators. Please join us for an interactive and informative session. Note that the Zoom link for the meeting will be updated closer to the meeting date. Note: This interactive workshop will use Miro software for the exercise. If you want to actively participate in the activities it is recommended to use a laptop, desktop or tablet and not a phone. If you don't have one of these devices, or if your corporate network limits connectivity, then you can still join for the content.

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Online Event: Use MVP to reduce the cost of your outcomes

Online event

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