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*Influencing Skills for Startups

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Startups need to be influential with their staff, customers and investors. Are influencers born or made?

Can you learn to be more influential?

The truth is that you can learn how to be more influential with those around you!

In 1984, Robert Caildini introduced the Theory of Influence, based on the following six key principles:

• Reciprocity

• Commitment and consistency

• Social proof

• Authority

• Liking

• Scarcity.

In this meetup Paul will 6 Principles of Influence with take-away examples for your startup.

Paul will also highlight the applicable findings of the most recent book by Cialdini, Presuasion. Paul is a mentor at River City Labs. He has 18 years of B2B sales experience with over $40M of personal selling. Paul has worked in organisations with minimal marketing/branding to sign up big-brand customers.