Green Eggs & Ham, Billion Euro investment in 100 green companies, what I learned


Green Eggs & Ham >> A billion euro investment in 100 green companies >> and what went wrong.

Looking over a billion euros of green investment in Europe, Brisbane-native Alyssa Jade McDonald – Baertl returns home to chat with Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs and Corporate Innovators to review results of the ups and downs of a giant set of invests. Green eggs is a metaphor for the 100 companies she has benchmarked after successful investment in sustainable and circular enterprises >> the ham, is a vulnerable discussion about what went wrong >>

How could LEAN/AGILE approach help companies become more sustainable?

Joeri (Yuri), known to locals for his innovation & agile coaching through BIGJUMP, will work with Alyssa Jade to stimulate the group to split into four groups of World Café to co-create responses to work on specific questions about what prevents entrepreneurs and business owners in South East Queensland region.

At the end of the session, the teams will present their results to the group on what an Innovation / agile mindset can bring to overcoming problems that Alyssa Jade typically hears from companies who are feeling overwhelmed with their evolution from corporate social responsibility to becoming more sustainable from their processes.

Results of the event will be collated as part of her research ‘Grow Green and THRIVE’, a 3 year research tracking a billion euros in green company investment and the struggles, and opportunities betwixt > these results are shared with stakeholders from Europe to Asia Pacific about roadmapping incubation and enabling conditions from regulation change to finance availability

Alyssa Jade McDonald - Baertl successfully built a chocolate social enterprise, which is now being reverse-engineered via research to form the basis of a new ISO to set a new world standard for the industry.

Along the journey, many other companies from different industries asked to have insights on how to evolve their already successful business, into a more sustainable one.

She created #GreenTurnaround, a method which examines the best green practices for a company’s DNA which also meets green regulations and market trends. Previously she worked a decade in corporate, and combined with a decade building a success start up, she has enough agility and complexity management to create great solutions which are future proof (regulation and material science) and meeting the new needs of a more conscious market.

She is the board member of the Federal German Association of Green Economy, sits on the European Commission’s Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform and is ex-European Federation of Sustainable Business vice president and thus is well informed of the laws, and the science, informing new standards; as well as the forerunners who have already made a place for themselves at the peak.

Her clients range from the European Commission to stock-listed MNCs to break-through SMEs and green investors; and writing market strategy for approximately 4 billion euro in green investment.
Joeri has over 20+ years’ experience in the technology industry and has delivered many large complex business and technology projects and programs in Australia and in Europe. He has spent his entire career helping corporates and other organisations innovate and become more agile by closing the gap between business and technology that provides them with a competitive advantage or ability to make a difference.

Transitioned from being an Engineer to diverse leadership roles, including Portfolio, Program and Project management, Service Delivery, Consulting and Innovation & Agile Coaching.

Since 2018, Joeri (Yuri) is a Lean Startup Ambassador for Lean Startup Co. and Corporate Innovation Mentor for River City Labs.