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This group is about Lean Software development using the Kanban method. We believe in Agile values, we believe in methods like Scrum and XP, we believe the Lean Startup is a very good application of Lean principles for a new product/service, we believe in the importance and appropriateness of software professionalism and craftsmanship and we had supported and continue to support them in the world and in China in particular. However, we think that many (non-startup) companies need to focus on Lean principles to improve their organization step-by-step. Especially when its culture is antagonistic to Agile value (the large majority of the cases as far as we know). We believe an informed use of the Kanban method and a strong fondation in Lean principles can help to achieve that. In this meet-up, we want to share knowledge, experiences and passion about Lean using Kanban. Even if we are initially focussed on software we are open to all product development activities since all of them could benefit from Lean. This meetup is addressed to Chinese speakers as well as English ones.

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Lean-Agile Coffee

Needs a location

Learn about Kanban/Scrum/Scrumban and Lean startup


Let's have the 1st meet up after relaxed and tired spring festival(:)!!

北京 海淀区中关村南大街3号海淀科技大厦5层

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