What we're about

Are you a an entrepreneur? Do you plan to be one?

Perhaps you are a member of a fast-growing startup team.

In a fast changing game where we must wear many hats, it's difficult to be a specialist when there are so many things that need to be done.

This meetup will focus on events and workshops that will apply for those looking to be a bit more "T-shaped", meaning having a little bit of experience and knowledge in many fields (the top of the T) while contributing your specialties to your team (the long, vertical portion of the T).

These events and workshops will enable you to understand what needs to be done for your business or even give you insight into what you need to look for in your next hire.

Accelerate is HK's first socially aligned immersive coding, data science/machine learning and UX bootcamp provider. Our education-to-employment model and flipped classroom pedagogy intensively trains promising talent from underrepresented backgrounds (e.g. minority, low-income, disabled, women, veteran) and places them at high impact roles with 25+ top-startups. Using a deferred tuition model aligns incentives and catalyzes inclusive growth of HK's tech ecosystem. We on-board bleeding edge talent in days with 40x more data points and customize projects that replace interviews to maximize hiring ROI. Code your way into a new career at www.accelerating.tech

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UX Meetup

the Hive Sheung Wan

Introduction to UX: Rapid Prototyping

the Hive Sheung Wan

Introduction to Machine Learning with Microsoft Azure

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