What we're about

This meetup group has been created to invite people who're interested in learning the Lean Startup Principals in a weekend long, highly interactive, mentoring driven bootcamp to be organised at 91springboard, Gurgaon. Join the meetup if you're interested! We'll fix a date whenever we have a good number. :)

A rough description of the event:

A three day bootcamp where with a focus on business model validation and customer development. Attendees will use Lean Startup and Customer Development principles to validate an idea for a new product or service. You can bring your team, or come alone and new teams will form.

Friday: Introduction to the bootcamp, people introduce their ideas and teams form

Saturday: Introduction to the basic ideas of Lean, the business model canvas, customer feedback tools and idea validation. Teams get to work on fleshing out their ideas and running some early experiments. Mentors will be available to provide feedback and guidance during this period.

Sunday: An introduction to some prototyping tools. More work with more mentors. We'll wrap up with final presentations and feedback.

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