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What is lean Startup

"The Lean Startup provides a scientific approach to creating and managing startups and get a desired product to customers' hands faster" Eric Ries

Although the methodology of going lean is picking up like religion in the startup environment today, this method was conceptualized by Japanese Manufacturers in early 80's, then it was known as Pull methodology in a production cycle. The concept was to pull a product for manufacturing as and when the order is received by the customer and not wait for the due diligence of testing and never ending iterations cycle to come up with a perfect product.

The concept of Build - Measure-Learn and Minimum Viable Products have revolutionized the entire startup space in the world and have helped startups to save time, effort and in some cases a bounty full of money by junking hyped and overstated concepts that have guaranteed and harbored failures, frustrations and heart breaks among a vast have beens and would have beens.

Vision of the group

To help startups to adopt Lean concepts in their ventures.

To popularize the lean concepts among new age startups.

To help in building a sustainable startup ecosystem.

Objectives of the group

To leverage the skills and potentials of members to help one another.

To debunk the modern or conventional hyped theories that are far from reality.

To connect with people using lean concepts in their startup.

To explore open technology concepts.

Who should join

Anyone wanting to explore the possibilities of implementing lean concepts in their startups, irrespective of the stage in which their startup may be in.

Meetup Venues, Duration & Cycle

We would organize forth nightly meetups of maximum 2 to 3 hours at a place where we can say Cheers! with hot Cuppa or chilled beers.

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