What we're about

This is an open group for people which are starting their own Startup or thinking about that. But even if you founded a successful company this might be useful.

The main goals for this group:
- Help to answer the a question: "Why should I (not) found a Startup?"
- If you already decided to found a Startup, then we would like to help to make the Startup successful
- Share experience of those who already founded or worked in Startups
- Networking: we would like to help people find business partners, Co-Founders or like-minded people

During our meetups we're going to cover such topics like:
- Lean Startup
- Product development
- Usability and Lean UX
- Agile
- Online Marketing
- Founding a company
- Finding investors
- Finding Co-Founders
- etc.

Upcoming events (2)

Lean Startup Toolkit

WeWork Hanse Forum

We already did several projects based on “Lean Startup” methodology and now we would like to share our own experience with you. Especially we believe that on early stages start up should not spend a lot of money. That’s why we collected a list of free tools that you can use for the work on your startup. Actually we tested most of these tools on our own projects. (!) How to register: [Step 1] Mark your attendance here; [Step 2] Mandatory FREE registration (takes up to 1 minute): https://goo.gl/XXJbYV Agenda: - 18:00 Come and grab some drink - 18:25 Greetings - 18:30 Presentation #1: Lean startup toolkit 2019 - 19:20 Short break - 19:30 Presentation #2: Increase the chances of digital Startup success - 20:30 Networking *Presentation #1: Lean startup toolkit 2019* Application and real live examples of free Lean Startup tools that you can start using right a way. Sneak preview of some of the tools: https://goo.gl/7obHAX About presenter: Andriy Kushnarov (https://www.linkedin.com/in/andriykushnarov/) is a fan of the Lean Startup philosophy. He designed, developed and launched several digital products (brunches: FinTech, IT Services, Marketing and Lead Gen, etc.). Andriy has more than 18 years experience in Software & IT, 6+ years in Product Design & Development. *Presentation #2: Increase the chances of digital Startup success* In practice we will show how to Run startup and increase the chance of success. We will talk about pains of digital startups and ways to avoid critical problems. How to choose a team of developers and build interaction with them. Also how to manage and set up reporting of the development team. About presenter: Evgen Rybak ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/evgen-rybak-4569912/ ) is a Chief Technical Officer (CTO) in a Web-development company. He has a huge experience in Web-development and Product Management. Also Evgen has a very long experience working with digital startups. For whom this Meetup: This meetup is designed for startups and individuals which are thinking about launching a digital product or about further development of the existing product. Language: Eng.

Lean Startup: Agile basics for Founders



This is an Agile Basics workshop for beginners. If you don't know anything about Agile Software Development or you just heard about it something, but want to learn more about Agile Philosophy, then this workshop is for you. (!) How to register: [Step 1] Mark your attendance here; [Step 2] Mandatory FREE registration (takes up to 1 minute): https://goo.gl/oWAFjk This workshop is interactive: you will be able not only to listen but also to discuss Agile topics in the groups and to present your learnings to others. This is what usually Agile Coaches do when they coach Agile teams. Price: 5 EUR. This workshop is designed for a smaller teams, so we want to see on the workshop only people that really need this knowledge. That's why we decided to put a small entrance price. Topics that will be covered: - Introduction to Agile Software Development - Agile Manifesto - 11 Agile Principles Agenda: - 18:15 Come and grab some drink - 18:25 Greetings - 18:30 Agile Basics Workshop - 20:00 Networking About Agile Coach: Andriy Kushnarov (https://www.linkedin.com/in/andriykushnarov/) Agile Coach, Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner. Andriy has more than 18 years experience in Software & IT, 7+ years in Agile Software Development. Here you can learn more on the content of the Workshop: https://software-it-outsourcing.com/agile-basics-for-founders-lean-startup/ Language: English

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