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Lean Startup Meetup #GROWTH – Launch Better!
After talking #Corporate Innovation Models in September we will switch to our #GROWTH track this month. Join us to learn about growing your customers once you have fit your product to a market with two great talks, including userlane’s Andy Mura as our main speaker. ...and - as always - you will meet other lean startup practitioners and find a great network to share your own experiences :-) Lean Startup Fundamentals: Pirate Metrics – Ralf Westbrock, Almost all of us have experienced Lean Startup tools as very helpful for generating customer insights and distilling the right features for our first product release. But many of us are still not aware that there’s a framework to guide learning and validate business model progress beyond launch. In this brief talk, Ralf will introduce Dave McClure’s Pirate Metrics. This KPI concept allows for a shared progress model among product unit and marketing unit. No more „was it the feature or was it the campaign?“ How to Launch – Andy Mura, Userlane The Munich-based tech company Userlane is on a mission to help people use software. As software is constantly changing and the number of software applications per user have grown. While many consumer applications are able to provide instant usability for simple flows (play a song, take a ride), business applications often have to deal with complex tasks and structures. This is where Userlane comes in: Like a navigation system for software, Userlane provides immediate learning at the moment users first need to use a system and guides them through using the application. Userlane value proposition is that everybody automatically becomes fully operative in any application from day one without classes, handbooks or tutorials. Userlane has increasingly been gaining awareness over the the past few years. It raised 5 million Euros in the first two rounds of investment and has become one of the 30 fastest growing SaaS companies in Europe. To achieve that, it's essential to have a great marketing team that operates following a very focused strategy. Userlane's marketing team, lead by Andy Mura is the perfect role model to follow. We've seen Andy in action as a fellow coach in an innovation program that simply blew the founders' minds with clear strategic advice and an arsenal of tools and insights. In this meetup, Andy is going to share his key insights and hands-on experience on how to generate leads and quickly scale your business. Program 6:45 pm - Doors open: registration, light snacks and networking 7:00 pm - Welcome and traditional #LeanMunich "Who’s around?" crowd-intros 7:15 pm - Lean Startup Fundamentals: Pirate Metrics – Ralf Westbrock, 7:30 pm - How to Launch – Andy Mura, userlane 8:30 pm - Snacks, drinks and networking 9:30 pm - Doors closing

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Lean Startup München is the place to meet and share experiences about startup lessons learned and the "Lean Startup" methodology.

Lean Startup is all about improving your chances to discover and develop a sustainable business model from all the great ideas you have - whether you're bootstrapping, pushing for VC invests into your world-changing idea, trying to expand the portfolio of a well-established enterprise as an intrapreneur or doing anything else to launch a new business.

Lean Startup is driven by continuous validation and verification of the business model and all of its components, using minimum viable products and focusing on iteratively learning from customer interaction rather than being time2market-driven and failing late.

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(Note: "The Lean Startup" is a trademark and service mark owned by Eric Ries.)

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