Episode 46 – From bootstrapping to €100 Million company builder in 10 years

Lean Startup München (Munich)
Lean Startup München (Munich)
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Have you married lately, celebrated a major birthday or enjoyed any other great milestone in life? If you used postal cards in premium quality, you’ll likely have printed them with kartenmacherei.de. But even if not, you’ll definitely enjoy this month’s meetup. You might even find a great partner for your own startup or idea.

We have the pleasure to have two topics covered by a single charismatic guest who will share his magnificent founder success story as well as introduce us to the first month experiences with his new company builder.

Fire Site Chat with Christoph Behn, kartenmacherei and better group

About a decade ago, Christoph and his wife Jennifer started a side project making better personalized baby cards than the ones available online. Rigorously fine-tuning product experience and conversions, they were able to fully bootstrap a business that by now has become a success story that has passed €40 Mio annual revenue. With his company still being fully owned by the family, Christoph is a strong advocator for entrepreneurship that is driven by the purpose of the business and not by exit.

Now that kartenmacherei has become a grown-up company, the founders of kartenmacherei are going for the next level and have started the company builder 'better'. It follows a fantastic vision: „By 2028 we have built a network of ventures that changed their industries for the better.”

As you see, we’ll learn about everything an entrepreneur could wish for.

....and - as always - you will meet other lean startup practitioners and find a great network to share your own experiences :slightly_smiling_face: