• Lean Innovation in Finance – How Penta customers are building a bank

    How Penta customers are building a bank – Katrina Elliott & Lukas Zoerner, Product Management @Penta Lean Innovation in start ups is all about experiments, learning and getting things done quickly. We often see early feature releases and BETA programs for the early adopters. At this stage some things may go wrong and that’s usually not critical. Product teams in startups use this approach to make fast progress and get things right quickly. In a banking world, customer expectations are a bit different. Nothing can ever go wrong with their money. This makes product experimentation more complex. Imagine you’re a customer and something goes wrong with money. A payment must succeed, a balance must be right, a transaction overview must be correct. Our speakers from PENTA are building one of the most innovative solutions for company accounts. Creating a bank account for your new startup has never been that easy and tracking employee payments with optional employee cards makes an entrepreneur’s life so much better. They will introduce us to how they include customers throughout their product development life cycle, making sure they discover solutions that matches their product vision to customer realities.

  • Episode 47 – Lean Innovation at Deutsche Bahn

    AutoScout24 (new office)

    It's been almost a year since I hopped on a train in Mannheim heading west. My travel app from Deutsche Bahn suddenly surprised me by offering a "comfort check-in" that freed me from having to show my ticket. I then noticed two further things: The feature was in test mode as I didn't find it on any other train connection I used. And even more surprisingly, the ticket inspectors were all very well aware of this new digital functionality and while they checked all other passengers' tickets, I could keep working, reading or even sleeping undisturbed. Over the past months, I've seen the functionality evolve in user experience. The whole thing feels like a perfect implementation of the Lean Innovation Playbook :-) So, here's our highlight talk for this months (unusually scheduled) Lean Startup Meetup: Lean Innovation at Deutsche Bahn - Marc Balzerowski & Jan Berg Imagine you are a giant organization running services for basically everyone living in or travelling to Germany. Your organization is composed of specialized suborganizations (e.g. long-distance travel vs. local traffic) that each have their own history and legacy. And your job is to innovate in that environment as if you were a startup. Marc and Jan are going to share how they have successfully created customer value with a customer-centric and test-driven approach from early testing to scaling it further. ....and - as always - you will meet other lean startup practitioners and find a great network to share your own experiences :-)

  • Episode 46 – From bootstrapping to €100 Million company builder in 10 years

    Have you married lately, celebrated a major birthday or enjoyed any other great milestone in life? If you used postal cards in premium quality, you’ll likely have printed them with kartenmacherei.de. But even if not, you’ll definitely enjoy this month’s meetup. You might even find a great partner for your own startup or idea. We have the pleasure to have two topics covered by a single charismatic guest who will share his magnificent founder success story as well as introduce us to the first month experiences with his new company builder. Fire Site Chat with Christoph Behn, kartenmacherei and better group About a decade ago, Christoph and his wife Jennifer started a side project making better personalized baby cards than the ones available online. Rigorously fine-tuning product experience and conversions, they were able to fully bootstrap a business that by now has become a success story that has passed €40 Mio annual revenue. With his company still being fully owned by the family, Christoph is a strong advocator for entrepreneurship that is driven by the purpose of the business and not by exit. Now that kartenmacherei has become a grown-up company, the founders of kartenmacherei are going for the next level and have started the company builder 'better'. It follows a fantastic vision: „By 2028 we have built a network of ventures that changed their industries for the better.” As you see, we’ll learn about everything an entrepreneur could wish for. ....and - as always - you will meet other lean startup practitioners and find a great network to share your own experiences :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Lean Startup Meetup #GROWTH – Launch Better!

    Isar Valley @ Google

    After talking #Corporate Innovation Models in September we will switch to our #GROWTH track this month. Join us to learn about growing your customers once you have fit your product to a market with two great talks, including userlane’s Andy Mura as our main speaker. ...and - as always - you will meet other lean startup practitioners and find a great network to share your own experiences :-) Lean Startup Fundamentals: Pirate Metrics – Ralf Westbrock, str84wd.com Almost all of us have experienced Lean Startup tools as very helpful for generating customer insights and distilling the right features for our first product release. But many of us are still not aware that there’s a framework to guide learning and validate business model progress beyond launch. In this brief talk, Ralf will introduce Dave McClure’s Pirate Metrics. This KPI concept allows for a shared progress model among product unit and marketing unit. No more „was it the feature or was it the campaign?“ How to Launch – Andy Mura, Userlane The Munich-based tech company Userlane is on a mission to help people use software. As software is constantly changing and the number of software applications per user have grown. While many consumer applications are able to provide instant usability for simple flows (play a song, take a ride), business applications often have to deal with complex tasks and structures. This is where Userlane comes in: Like a navigation system for software, Userlane provides immediate learning at the moment users first need to use a system and guides them through using the application. Userlane value proposition is that everybody automatically becomes fully operative in any application from day one without classes, handbooks or tutorials. Userlane has increasingly been gaining awareness over the the past few years. It raised 5 million Euros in the first two rounds of investment and has become one of the 30 fastest growing SaaS companies in Europe. To achieve that, it's essential to have a great marketing team that operates following a very focused strategy. Userlane's marketing team, lead by Andy Mura is the perfect role model to follow. We've seen Andy in action as a fellow coach in an innovation program that simply blew the founders' minds with clear strategic advice and an arsenal of tools and insights. In this meetup, Andy is going to share his key insights and hands-on experience on how to generate leads and quickly scale your business. Program 6:45 pm - Doors open: registration, light snacks and networking 7:00 pm - Welcome and traditional #LeanMunich "Who’s around?" crowd-intros 7:15 pm - Lean Startup Fundamentals: Pirate Metrics – Ralf Westbrock, str84wd.com 7:30 pm - How to Launch – Andy Mura, userlane 8:30 pm - Snacks, drinks and networking 9:30 pm - Doors closing

  • Lean Startup Night Munich: Corporate Innovation Models – What actually works?

    IMPORTANT: To participate, you have to get your ticket here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/lean-startup-night-munich-corporate-innovation-models-tickets-49344242959 Lean Startup Night is coming to Munich and we're right there with you :-) Corporations face a faster changing business environment these days. Their core business is continuously exposed to market threat from startups and established companies. To fight back, they have acquired new skills to create innovative products and business models, such as Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Agile methodologies. At the same time, existing business still needs to thrive, running a radically different set of management styles and KPIs. Various models have emerged to change how both activities (managing today’s business and discovering tomorrow's business) can be organized. Our panel guests are successfully innovating using different innovation approaches and will share their insights and discuss benefits and trade-offs. You will also meet other Lean innovators and find a valuable network to help you reflect on your own experiences! Find many more details on the event page right here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/lean-startup-night-munich-corporate-innovation-models-tickets-49344242959

  • Special Meetup - Fireside Chat with Ash Maurya

    AutoScout24 (new office)

    • What we'll do We are happy to announce a meetup with a special guest who agreed to visit us during his workshop week in Munich - Ash Maurya. Ash is one of the very early lean evangelists and driver of thought for applied lean methods in developing products and startups. He is author of well-known books such as Running Lean and Scaling Lean and created the Lean Canvas, a widely known version of the Business Model Canvas specifically designed for startups. We are happy to have him in a fireside chat together with Thomas Hartmann from str84wd Products. There will also be time for some open Q&A, so be prepared. Since Ash is holding a 2-day Continuous Innovation workshop in Munich from Apr 18th-19th we asked him for a special offer for our meetup members and he was nice enough to create a 10% promo code for us: LEANSTARTUP You can book your workshop with Ash Maurya here: https://leanstack.com/training/workshops • What to bring • Important to know 10% promo code for the Continuous Innovation workshop with Ash Maurya in Munich from Apr 18th-19th: LEANSTARTUP - bookable on https://leanstack.com/training/workshops

  • Startup Success Factor: TEAM

    Werk1 München

    Moment of Ben: Innovation lessons from AirBNB - Ben O'Hear, Revelate Many startup pitch themselves as "an AirBNB for X". But how did the real thing come into being and grow? Ben has developed an almost unhealthy obsession with the AirBNB story and the sometimes counterintuitive lessons it teaches on how true innovation happens. He will share those insights in this lightning talk. Bringing the A Team - Stephan Wiesener, Apaleo (https://www.apaleo.com/) Serial entrepreneur Stephan Wiesener has been in the tech industry since before the DotCom-Bubble. After many ups and downs, Stephan and his co-founders successfully exited his first startup, Conject. A key learning of that time was the difference a team makes to startup success. So he rejoined with parts of the Conject team to work on his newest venture: Apaleo, a SaaS Cloud for the hotel market. Stephan will share lessons learned from his amazing journey - what’s easier now, what’s changed and how going Lean helps build a great startup.

  • Pivots will happen! The Startup Journey is full of Change

    Meetup on Tour! This time we are downtown in the amazing office of LV 1871 with these talks: What is a Pivot? – Boris Danne, AutoScout24 Pivots happen when things are not working "quite" as expected. But when is the right time to take these life or death decisions? And how do you successfully execute a Pivot? This short talk will give you initial insights into this essential process. The journey of a SaaS Startup - Michael Blazek, Talentry If you start a company, you need to love change. Business models, the founders' roles, markets and challenges all change over time, and you never know where you might end up. Michael will give some insights into Talentry's journey (and pivoting) from the initial idea of a website for crowd-sourced job referrals to a growing HR SaaS company with more than 30 employees. Michael is CTO at Talentry, a SaaS startup which helps companies leverage their employees' social networks to find the best talent for open positions. Together with two fellow students, he founded the company right after finishing his Master’s degree in Computer Science at the Technical University in Munich and the University of Melbourne. (By the way, Talentry is hiring (https://www.talentry.com/en/about-us/career/))

  • AI meets The Big Picture

    Werk1 München

    Spring is back and so are we. In a month flooded with public vacation, we're changing our schedule for May a bit – hoping many of you will be with us. This meetup is all about AI. We're sure you'll love it! Moment of Ben - „UX of AI: The Rise of Placeonas” AI and in particular Natural Language Processing is enabling a whole new range of ways to interact with digital products. But should you dive straight in a build a bot or an Alexa skill? In this short talk, Ben will give a framework to decide what is best for your users. Manuela Rasthofer – Terraloupe lessons learned Sometimes it’s good to think BIG. Our main speaker Manuela and her team at Terraloupe are doing nothing less than teaching AI to read the earth environment from footage taken from planes or drones, which allows them to identify and measure objects with an unprecedented level of detail. For example: They taught their algorithms to identify glass areas with such precision that their system now outperforms humans. Manuela will share insights and lessons learned from Terraloupes journey evolving a ground-breaking technical innovation into a scalable business model. ....and – as always – you will meet other lean startup practitioners and find a great network to share your own experiences :-)