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What we’re about

Lean Startup Perth is a weekly informal meeting for anyone interested in learning more about Lean Startup (Eric Ries) and Customer Development (Steve Blank). We discuss issues facing startups, chapters from relevant books and, in particular, how the concepts and practices may apply to our startups. Everyone is welcome to attend!

Whilst we focus on tech startups and founders are our target audience you don't have to be a founder or involved with a startup to come along.  All you need to be is interested in learning about Lean Startup and Customer Development.   We also ask that regular participants take turns in leading the discussion of a chapter or a special topic.

Please be clear though that this group is not for just starting a businesses.  Startups are defined by their uncertainty (some aspect of their business model has never been used before) and often (but not always) a huge growth potential.  As Steve Blank says "are temporary organisations searching for a repeatable and scalable business model."  

A Lean Startup's approach is to hypothesise, build, measure, and learn as fast as possible to reduce this uncertainty and risk, to validate (or not) hypotheses about the product/service and business model.  This differs from the traditional approach to startups that usually involves building something and hoping customers will come.  

If you'd like to catchup briefly to discuss you can schedule a virtual catchup.

Ashley Aitken

Organiser - Lean Startup Perth

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