Launch quick Launch right - A guide to applications MVP

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In the 'Lean Startup World', MVP stands for 'Minimal Viable Product', which means - the first version of your product that you can offer to customers and learn/prove something valuable.

In this Meetup I'm happy to be hosting the founders of AppUGo ( who will share with us some of their experience on how to define and build MVPs. Specifically in this meetup we will focus on products that require development of a mobile and/or a web application.

Here are some of the topics to be covered:

- When is the right time to launch?

- To whom should we aim our MVP?

- How to determine the right scope of functionality for an MVP?

- How to manage the software development process of an MVP?

- What are the alternatives for implementation in case the founding team lacks internal software development skills

- AppUGo will present their own solution for delivering a working MVP within 1 week!

This is Jack Dorsey’s original sketch of the Twitter concept. If you have a startup idea drawn up on your notebook, join us to learn how to turn it into the right MVP quickly and effectively.