What we're about

So you want to start a company and make money. We challenge each other to do it within a single weekend; we aim to have clients pay by the end of Sunday, now that is a Lean Startup.

This is how we do it: Saturday morning we all share our amazing startup ideas, we vote for the best ones and form teams around them. From here we get out of building, ask potential customers, invalidate those amazing ideas, cross-validate ideas between teams, and pivot until we find something that actual clients will pay money for.

We deliver the Minimum Viable Product to our customers and get them to pay for it all by end of Sunday. Devs, marketers, strategists and designers, all are welcome.

This is not a competition: our target is to maximize the potential to start a company. If we work hard enough, every meetup will spawn a viable business model around a product or service.

The event is inspired by the Lean Startup Machine, its core purpose is driven through the motivation of its participants. We encourage both mentors and current business owners to par-take, perhaps you may discover a side avenue for currently operating business. We're here to start businesses and improve on our professional skill set.

For busy people who can't make it for the whole weekend, come in for Saturday, and we will still accomplish a lot!

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