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What we’re about

What is Lean UX about?

    Lean UX is about learning more, more quickly.

    Lean UX is about getting more done better for the same investment.

    Lean UX is about replacing time spent polishing your design artifacts, with time spent polishing your design.

    Lean UX is about doing research, testing your hypotheses, and building better hypotheses quickly, based on more information, based on reality.

The intersection between Lean Thinking, Agile Development and UX is a challenging, exciting, and timely issue for a large number of practitioners in interaction design, information architecture, and related fields. Based on the earlier work of Anders Ramsay and the Agile Experience Design meetup we co-host in New York, and a highly provocative and productive Agile UX retreat in San Francisco at Cooper Design in January 2010, we couldn't help but continue the discussion. Come share Lean UX insights, with some of the folks who put the name to the idea. Share successes and cautionary tales, and learn from peers in the field, while we learn from you, and test our own hypotheses.

Please join us!

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