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Rob Fitzpatrick: Understanding equity investment, dilution, and term sheets
Best selling author and Y-Combinator alum, Rob Fitzpatrick, is going to lead an educational session to help you better understand the legals and financials around raising equity funding (like from a VC, angel, or accelerator). In particular, we'll talk about: -> Dilution and equity math: what's really happening when you "get diluted" and your percentage of ownership goes down? Is it bad or is it normal? How does it affect you? We'll simplify the math and the buzzwords. -> The differences between "normal" funding and the newer "convertible notes" and SAFEs ("simple agreement for future equity") which are becoming more common in early-stage deal -> The question of power: how much control does an investor really get over your business? What choices and freedom do you lose when you accept funding? (Plus, important and dangerous terms that you should watch out for on a term sheet.) -> The question of failure: what do you owe them (if anything) if you have to shut the business down? What does that process look like? -> With plenty of time for any other questions. Please note that this session is NOT about how to pitch or how to convince investors to fund you, and we won't be answering any questions about how to raise money for your particular business. Rather, it's going to be focused on better understanding the process and implications, so that you can decide if it's right for you, avoid the major traps, and go into fundraising with confidence. Rob Fitzpatrick Taught by Rob Fitzpatrick, a tech entrepreneur of 10 years who has raised funding in the US & UK and been through YCombinator. He has also spent plenty of time bootstrapping, and is the author of The Mom Test about how to talk customers when everyone is lying to you.

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