What we're about

"Hey guys, Is China the next country you plan to travel to in 2015?"

"Are you representing your company and meeting a Chinese business group soon?"

"Are you fascinating about Jackie Chen's Kongfu or always want to order your own food in Chinatown?"

"Do you want to make some Chinese friends or want to impress your Chinese friend that you can speak Chinese?"

Let's get together to master the key to Chinese Culture by learning Chinese language-- Mandarin.

We will teach give lecture from pinyin to historical stories of Chinese characters, and coach you to

understand Chinese culture and history more.

Further professional Mandarin tutor can be provided if needed. Additional, we will also organize events

like visiting Chinese or exhibition in museums, trying diverse and delicious Chinese restaurants where

only Chinese knows.......

we welcome every level of Mandarin lovers!!

P.S. We are looking for sponsors


Notice: for a new lesson, we should at least have 5 people to open a event. Thank you.

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Learn Basic Conversation--beginner2

Panera Bread

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