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Let’s get Social with Chinese Food
Hello (你好) - Nǐhǎo I will love to try all sorts of Chinese or Asian restaurants. Feel free to tell which restaurant would you all love to try. I will reserve before the meetup day. Thank you (谢谢) - Xièxiè Ethan伊桑

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Hello. (你好)

Welcome to the group. (欢迎来到小组)

This meetup is for anyone who would like to learn and love Chinese! We will meet once a week with different level to learn how to speak Mandarin or Cantonese Chinese. Anyone is welcome.

We will also be hosting social events. Which are including:

- Dine at Chinese Restaurants. (进餐)

- Watching Chinese Movies. (电影)

- Karaoke. (卡拉OK)

- Chinese Holiday Events. (假日)

- Other amazing events. (杂)

It is a fun and effective way for people to be learning Chinese.

Thank you. (谢谢)


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