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Learn to Code Workshop: Intro to Git and GitHub

Learn to Code Workshop: Intro to Git and GitHub


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In this Learn to Code workshop, you’ll learn the essentials of Git, the most common version control tool that millions of coders use while developing for the web. We will also learn how to use Github, a popular Git-based repository to host your projects online.

What You’ll Learn:

• How to create and work in a local repository

• How to work remotely using GitHub (push and pull)

How to Prepare:

– Bring your laptop, fully charged (bring your charger just in case)

– Install Git:

– Install GitHub Desktop:

– Install the Atom text editor if you don’t have a text editor. Go here:

– Install Google Chrome (any browser will do, but Chrome can do some cool things):


None, but it would be helpful to have previously completed our HTML and CSS workshops.

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