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Hi everyone, My full name is Hoang Dang Vinh, i'm 28 years old and has 7 years experience passionate about E-marketing, SEO and Visual Design in field of E-commerce. I create group "Learn English Everyday at Ho Chi Minh city" because i love english and i want improve skill speak english. At group will help you language conversation, meet many new and old friends more. Thank so much. I look forward to seeing successful everybody. Chao tat ca cac ban, Toi la Hoang Dang Vinh, 28 tuoi va toi co 7 nam kinh nghiem dam me ve tiep thi truc tuyen, toi uu hoa tu khoa tim kiem va thiet ke san pham truc quan co phan tich ux&ui trong linh vuc thuong mai dien tu. Toi tao group "Learn English Everyday tai thanh pho Ho Chi Minh" nay boi vi toi yeu tieng anh va muon nang cao ky nang noi tieng anh. Tai group se giup cac ban trao doi ngon ngu, gap go nhieu ban moi va ban cu hon nua. Cam on cac ban. Toi mong muon duoc nhin that tat ca cac ban thanh cong.
-- Hoàng Đăng Vịnh --

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