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FORGET FLIPPING HOUSES... LEARN HOW TO MAKE MONEY, BUILD WEALTH, GET RICH & BE A MILLIONAIRE IN REAL ESTATE OWNING RENTAL PROPERTIES! ARE YOU A REAL ESTATE INVESTOR THAT NEEDS TO MAKE MORE MONEY?Come Out on October 11th & Learn How to Make Money As A Landlord & Invest in Rentals The key to building wealth in real estate as a landlord and/or flipping houses to landlords is being able to buy houses at a low-enough price and then being able to charge a high-enough rent to generate a few hundred dollars a month in positive cash flow Finding these types of cash flowing rental properties requires knowing how to crunch the financial numbers For example, you're looking to buy a house to rent. The property has a $150,000 ARV. It needs $20,000 worth of repairs and has $15,000 in closing costs. If you're going to rent the property out at a 12% return on investment, you will need to know what price to buy the property for This is why you need know how to crunch the financial numbers. When you invest in a rental property, the goal is to make a profit using other people’s money. One way of being successful as a landlord means putting down as little of your own money as you can, borrow the rest and let the tenants pay off the mortgage Another way is to generate a double digit interest rate of return on your investment. For example if you can earn a 14% ROI, you will get your original investment back in 86 months. After that all the income is pure profit, and it will never stop for the rest of your life. If these numbers work for you then buying rentals using this formula is a great way for you invest in real estate Being a financial successful landlord means making a profit by generating positive cash flow, waiting for the home to appreciate and paying down the loan on the mortgage Terry s success came by finding discounted, bargain priced foreclosure houses that he bought below market value. He fixed them up, rented them & at some point he made enough money to pay off those properties so that he owned them FREE & CLEAR Real estate investing as a landlord is not easy for a lot of investors, but it can be if you understand what you're doing. If you study, learn, and put Terry's success into action in your own investments, you can simplify the landlord business That's basically how he did it! Come Out on October 11th & Learn The Formulas and Business Plan That Terry's Used to Achieve Financial Success & How You Can Make Money As A Landlord Investing in Rentals

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If you're brand new to real estate and have never bought, sold, rented or flipped houses this is the perfect real estate meetup group for you. Everything is taught so that a third grader can understand the language. Real Estate classes are small and intimate with no more than five (5) people in attendance

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the large number of people that attend other meetups or real estate club meetings and you're not receiving the personal attention you deserve then attend our next meeting to see why Learn How to Invest & Be A Sacramento Real Estate Investor meetup is the #1 place for beginner real estate investors to learn how to invest in Sacramento real estate

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