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If you're brand new to real estate and have never bought, sold, rented or flipped houses this is the perfect real estate meetup group for you. Everything is taught so that a third grader can understand the language. Real Estate classes are small and intimate with no more than five (5) people in attendance

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the large number of people that attend other meetups or real estate club meetings and you're not receiving the personal attention you deserve then attend our next meeting to see why Learn How to Invest & Be A Sacramento Real Estate Investor meetup is the #1 place for beginner real estate investors to learn how to invest in Sacramento real estate

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FORGET FLIPPING HOUSES... LEARN HOW TO MAKE MONEY, BUILD WEALTH, GET RICH & BE A MILLIONAIRE IN REAL ESTATE OWNING RENTAL PROPERTIES! ARE YOU A REAL ESTATE INVESTOR THAT NEEDS TO MAKE MORE MONEY?Come Out & Learn How to Make Money As A Landlord & Invest in Rentals The key to building wealth in real estate as a landlord and/or flipping houses to landlords is being able to buy houses at a low-enough price and then being able to charge a high-enough rent to generate a few hundred dollars a month in positive cash flow Finding these types of cash flowing rental properties requires knowing how to crunch the financial numbers For example, you're looking to buy a house to rent. The property has a $150,000 ARV. It needs $20,000 worth of repairs and has $15,000 in closing costs. If you're going to rent the property out at a 12% return on investment, you will need to know what price to buy the property for This is why you need know how to crunch the financial numbers. When you invest in a rental property, the goal is to make a profit using other people’s money. One way of being successful as a landlord means putting down as little of your own money as you can, borrow the rest and let the tenants pay off the mortgage Another way is to generate a double digit interest rate of return on your investment. For example if you can earn a 14% ROI, you will get your original investment back in 86 months. After that all the income is pure profit, and it will never stop for the rest of your life. If these numbers work for you then buying rentals using this formula is a great way for you invest in real estate Being a financial successful landlord means making a profit by generating positive cash flow, waiting for the home to appreciate and paying down the loan on the mortgage Terry s success came by finding discounted, bargain priced foreclosure houses that he bought below market value. He fixed them up, rented them & at some point he made enough money to pay off those properties so that he owned them FREE & CLEAR Real estate investing as a landlord is not easy for a lot of investors, but it can be if you understand what you're doing. If you study, learn, and put Terry's success into action in your own investments, you can simplify the landlord business That's basically how he did it! Come Out & Learn The Formulas and Business Plan That Terry's Used to Achieve Financial Success & How You Can Make Money As A Landlord Investing in Rentals


YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER & CALL TERRY at [masked] ONE DAY IN ADVANCE BEFORE ATTENDING THIS CLASS! If you would like to attend this class but can't call Terry for a FREE 1-hour mentoring session by phone (1) You have to see how my top coaching student & supermom Danika is CRUSHING IT buying, selling & flipping houses in the Southern California area. Danika spent over $100,000 to rehab this property. Take a look at this ugly duplex that she flipped for a $100,000 PROFIT! Click the link below to see the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kXfT0vhvu8 (2) Listen to our first call we did together & why Danika wants Terry to be her mentor and join his one-on-one mentoring program. Click the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICK6Y0Np7Xk (3) Listen to our second call we did together as we discuss a $2.5 million dollar luxury home that's in foreclosure. The owner has made payments in SIX YEARS and she's $700,000 behind on her mortgage. PLUS, Danika's will be discussing how she's developing land to build estate lots: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uXBa1Tw058 Hello Sacramento Wealth Builders, DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE BIG PROFITS FLIPPING HOUSES IN THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA? How Would Your Life Change Financially If You Could Successfully Fix & Flip Houses for BIG PROFITS? Television shows are everywhere about buying, fixing and selling houses for a profit. Taking ugly houses and making them pretty can be a very profitable business! Fixing & flipping houses generates the most profit and generates the highest returns for real estate investors... In every city across the United States, there are incredible profits that are being made from buying, selling, fixing & flipping houses! Danika just bought six fixer uppers for $2.3 million dollars that she's going to be flipping for BIG PROFITS! She bought the fixer uppers without using her own money and credit... She already has property #1 that you saw the video of in escrow with an estimated $100,000 PROFIT! I'm teaching you EXACTLY how she's doing it! I'm going to show you the steps to get educated so you can do it too! My hope is that I can show you the renovations & profits of all six properties in the hopes it will inspire you to take action and actually do this for yourself so that you can be a financially successful real estate investor. Did you see the property? That was when it was in it’s worse condition! IT’S UGLY! It probably STINKS... It needs a lot of work! To be exact $100,000 of work... WOW As a real estate investor you have to be able to take the house in its worse condition & see it in its best condition from top to bottom You have to look at the best exit strategy to use for you to PROFIT & make the amount of money you want! You should be able to walk in this house see the PROFITS & know how much MONEY you will make after it’s been repaired before you put any property under contract! You should know how much money you’ll make! You should know the highest return you can get on your investment! You should know the exit strategy that's the quickest way to return your capital! This is what we do as real estate investors! Can you buy houses with this level of confidence? If not, no worries--- I can teach you how Can you write a offer on this house & close on it by next week? I’ll fly to any city including yours and buy real estate! I don’t need to see the property & I don’t need an inspection! I can do it without knowing anyone & without having access to capital! When a good deal presents itself to you, you need to be able to take it! This is EXACTLY what I teach my coaching students to do! If fixing & flipping houses like they do on the HGTV shows interests you feel free to meet me at the sushi bar at Oshima Restaurant YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER & CALL TERRY at [masked] ONE DAY IN ADVANCE BEFORE ATTENDING THIS CLASS


YOU MUST CALL TERRY at [masked] FOR THIS CLASS! Terry will personally teach you over the phone if you have a interest in the subject described below. If you would like to attend this class . Please call Terry for a FREE 1-hour mentoring session by phone. Each one of us are facing challenges like never before. Terry's here to support you during these uncertain times. Terry's real estate coaching and mentoring program will help you navigate this recession. He's here to support you in times like this. Hello, It's Terry Bontemps, if you've followed my ONE-on-ONE real estate education, mentoring & coaching program over the last few months, then you know my profit producing track record of money my coaching students are making speaks for itself... Here are a few examples: Ron from Detroit added $1.2 million to his real estate business in just ONE HOUR using one of my investing strategies called "note buying" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijD1fLoUB6U&t=2s Ryan from Washington DC made over $28,000 virtual WHOLESALING three properties in Florida which is 700 miles from where he lives! He never met the sellers, he never went to escrow & he negotiated all three deals over the phone with each seller! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgzmiHYEOmI&t=150s Holly from Baltimore Maryland made $400,000 WHOLESALING three houses to a cash buyer. She bought the notes from the bank on three properties for $9,000. The properties had an ARV of $570,000... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bBGG6Q3GrA&t=1s Holly bought another note from the bank at a discount for $11,000. She kept the property and now gets $2,100 each and every month for the rest of her life! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mzqfG95af0&t=1s Holly borrowed $100,000 from family & friends to buy 18 notes from banks in 10 months. She increased her net worth $1.5 million dollars in those 10 months... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7Cr-xgrtnE&t=1s Danika, who is a single African American supermom just bought six houses to flip. She's making $100,000 on just one property. Take a look at the before and after pictures.... this girl is a freakin rockstar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kXfT0vhvu8 Daniel, watched my videos on YouTube then bought the note on a sixteen unit apartment that's bringing in $475 per unit for a total of $7,600 a month . The note was owed $350,000, Daniel bought the note from the bank for $256,000... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huugz6-NbV4 George a local bay area real estate guru and finance expert made $48,301 on accident from what he learned about buying notes. His investment to buy the note was only $3,000 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82YG61ct8LY&t=19s There's more... For example my student Scott, he made $8,000 buying a second mortgage and he made an offer to buy another note for $30,000 that's owed $52,000. The bank called him to do the deal!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nn_-f9Pwsmw&t=3s Ron bought his first note from the bank in three months plus he made another offer to buy another note.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4lObMHkvq0 A promoter for a real estate education company learned what I taught him and even he's making money!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmUq_SAp_sI&t=8s Guys, I've been investing in real estate since 1980. Some of you weren't even born yet when I started making money in real estate! I've been teaching people how to invest in real estate since 2001... That's some serious experience... I've had a lot of students pay $25,000 and more for their coaching program. I was their coach and they were extremely happy to have spent that amount because of what I taught them. Here's a few video links of students that invested $25,000 in themselves and their education... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4uNvFuNqI4&t=2s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7H0qOfguBM&t=2s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yry4kN1Biks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cso4Bzumc9k&t=3s


YOU MUST CALL TERRY at [masked] FOR THIS CLASS! Terry will personally teach you over the phone if you have a interest in the subject described below. If you would like to attend this class . Please call Terry for a FREE 1-hour mentoring session by phone. Each one of us are facing challenges like never before. Terry's here to support you during these uncertain times. Terry's real estate coaching and mentoring program will help you navigate this recession. He's here to support you in times like this. VIDEO OF COACHING CALL WITH 50 YEAR OLD SINGLE FEMALE WITH $100 IN THE BANK & NO RETIREMENT PLAN https://youtu.be/Svmt6RQ6YdA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOg8TW7eDSo&t=21s WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU HAVE TO START OVER FINANCIALLY AGAIN? The answer can be very challenging for anyone at any age but when you're a 51 year old single female and you only have $100 in the bank with no retirement plan that can be overwhelming! BUT, I do have the answer and it's very simple... it's REAL ESTATE! REAL ESTATE WORKS, WE JUST HAVE TO GET IT TO WORK FOR YOU! Real estate doesn't care what age you are! Real estate doesn't care what race you are! Real estate doesn't care what gender you are! Real estate doesn't care because... REAL ESTATE IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY WEALTH BUILDER!!! Therese wants to travel but she needs a lifeline to help her financially so she can have the income and type of retirement that she dreams of, which is working her healing business I'm her lifeline and real estate is the vehicle we'll use to get her where she wants to be financially... Can you see why Therese called me? She is no different than anyone else that calls and wants me to be their real estate coach and mentor. People call me because they want to make MORE Money, Build Wealth, GET RICH & Be A Real Estate Millionaire! Therese is no different than you or me but the fact that she's 51 gives her a sense of urgency and that's why she's looking at real estate... She thinks WHOLESALING is the key.... I disagree You can make 10 to 20 TIMES more money by not WHOLESALING your deals! WHY WOULD YOU WHOLESALE A PROPERTY FOR $5,000 when you can keep it, refinance it to pull cash out and positive cash flow each and every month? AND.... you can do this with NO MONEY DOWN Think About It, this happened right here in Sacramento where I live. A investor I know bought a property six months ago He rehabbed the property and converted it into AirBnB. He borrowed the money to buy and rehab the property from a financial partner. He has incredible cash flow so he refinances the property after only owning it for six months... he just pulled $76,000 out tax free on the refinance and he still positive cash flows $2,000 a month! IMAGINE BORROWING $56,000 FROM A FINANCIAL PARTNER & telling him/her that you're going to pay them back $20,000 on top of their $56,000 as their PROFIT in six months for letting you borrow the money from them to fund the deal... WHY WOULD SOMEONE LET YOU BORROW $56,000? It's simple because you're giving them a 36% RETURN ON THEIR INVESTMENT IN SIX MONTHS!!! THAT'S A NO MONEY DOWN DEAL WITH AN INFINITE RETURN plus ownership of the property!!! Can you say, "CRUSHING IT" So, let me ask you the question again... "Why Would You WHOLESALE Your Deals? This is why Therese wants me to be her real estate coach and mentor. It's because I teach my students how to Make Money, Build Wealth, GET RICH & Be Real Estate Millionaires She's never learned and no one has ever taught Therese how to make money other than WHOLESALING. She thinks because she has no money and maybe marginal credit that she can WHOLESALE & FLIP HOUSES for $5,000 Maybe you're like Therese and you need a coach & mentor too. If so call give me a call at [masked]

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