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Some of us wanted to learn more about Improvisation. There are few choices in the Kansas City area to be an Improv participant and learner!

Thus, this group was started, and is FREE to all participants. Neither Improv experience nor acting experience is required. The particular group of attendees at each session will vary. Some will have some Improv experience and others will be trying it for the first time.

This all started because of the book by Alan Alda (of “MASH” fame) titled "If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look on My Face?". The book often mentions Improv as one of the best ways to really learn how to communicate with others. The book gives several Improv-type exercises to try. Also, the book makes several references to Viola Spolin's book "Improvisation for the Theater"

In each session of this group we will learn by doing and from each other. We go through a series of Improv games, or exercises, mentioned in the books and gotten from the Internet.

Join us. Bring your knowledge and ideas to the group. Grow and learn with us. And, have fun doing it!

Upcoming events (5+)

Improvisation to Start Your Spring

Antioch Library

Learn Improvisation by joining in the numerous Improv Games we will play. No prior Improv experience required. Everyone always welcome and always for FREE.

Improvisation still Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

Antioch Library

Regardless of the level of Improvisation experience, everyone can join in the Improv Games and learn by doing. Always free to all.

Pre-Tax Day Fun with Improvisation @ 1:30pm

Antioch Library

Improvisation can be done by anyone at any level of skill, including beginners. Always FREE to join in the fun. We will "play" a series of Improv games to give you a chance to do ad-libbed make-believe scenarios. Prepare to laugh often.

Spring into Improvisation

Antioch Library

Always Free and every skill level welcome to "play" the Improv games. People say they are there to learn to think faster on their feet. Everything in these sessions is totally make-believe -- except for what you get out of your participation!

Past events (37)

2:30-4:30 pm Improvisation for Brightening a Day

Antioch Library

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