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This group is for anyone who would love to learn about the different aspects of "Magic", anyone who loves magic, anyone who wants to grow spiritually through magic. In this group, you will learn how to cleanse yourself for better living, how to improve yourself for love, how to protect yourself from evil spiritual beings.

This group will also help you understand life transformation thru magic, wellness, alternative medicine and self improvement thru magic.

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The Goddess Archetypes of the Tarot

Holistic Harmony & Wellness

The repression of femininity and a feminine Consciousness is at the root of many Global and personal issues. Carl Jung introduced the concept of Anima, the feminine side of a man an animus the masculine side of a woman. The empowerment of the feminine in both genders and a return to our inherent wholeness is essential to the healing of individuals and the healing of the planet. As we balance these forces within ourselves and within the culture, we will experience a collective healing. Join us as we explore the goddess as it is expressed through the major Arcana of the tarot and awaken them energy within ourselves men and women are welcomed! This is a night not to be missed! Investment $35 $25 if you pre-register by calling[masked] or responding to this meet up.

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Universal Kabbalah for Love

Holistic Harmony & Wellness

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