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Learn Swift HK ( http://www.learnswifthk.com ) is a weekly meet up for Hong Kongers interested in learning Swift and Xcode for iOS Development. All experience levels are welcome. We are all about practical learning, so each week we dig deep into practical programming topics and really learn how to make iOS apps with Swift and Xcode.

Learn Swift HK ( http://www.learnswifthk.com ) 係一個每個禮拜為有興趣學Swift,Xcode,同iOS 研發嘅香港人而設嘅Meetup。我哋歡迎任何人參與!我哋強調應用學習,所以每個禮拜我哋會揀一個實用嘅寫code主題嚟分享同教大家點樣一手一腳寫個app出來!

Learn Swift HK ( http://www.learnswifthk.com ) 是一个每周专为了有兴趣学Swift,iOS,Xcode和iOS 研发的香港人而设的Meetup群。我们欢迎任何人参与!我们强调应用学习,所以我们每周会挑选一个实用的编程主题讨论,而且和大家分享如何一步一步的把应用写出来!

Our Mission/我們的任務/我们的任务

To create an open, supportive, and encouraging space for Angelenos to explore and develop their interest in iOS Development and Apple's Swift programming language.

係香港創造一個開放、鼓勵同互相幫助嘅Swift團體,令大家有機會學習iOS 研發同Swift

在香港创造一个开放、鼓勵和相互幫助的Swift群体,让大家有机会学习iOS 研发跟Swift

Our Friends/我哋嘅朋友/我们的好友

United States/美國/美国:

SwiftCoders LA ( https://www.meetup.com/SwiftCoders-L-A/ )

Learn Swift Boston ( https://www.meetup.com/Learn-Swift-Boston/ )

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Learn Swift Queens ( https://www.meetup.com/Learn-Swift-Queens-Meetup/ )

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Learn Swift Tokyo ( https://www.meetup.com/Learn-Swift-Tokyo/ )

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Learn Swift Yerevan ( https://www.meetup.com/Learn-Swift-Yerevan/ )

Learn Swift Hong Kong ( https://www.meetup.com/Learn-Swift-HK )

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Lazy Variables in Swift

Starbucks (opposite Tin Hau station exits A or B)

We are going deep dive into Lazy Variables in Swift! 我哋將會深入探索Swift裡面嘅Lazy Variables! 我们将深入探索Swift中的Lazy Variables! Free Admission 活動免費 活动免费 Suggested To Bring - A Mac that can preferably run Xcode 10.2 and Swift 5 - Xcode installed, preferably 10.2 - Absolute Beginners: An iPad with the latest Swift Playgrounds app installed, iOS 11+ 建議帶齊 - 最好一部可以運行Xcode 10同Swift 5嘅Mac - Xcode 10.2 預先安裝 - 初學者:係iPad安裝最新嘅Swift Playgrounds app, iOS 11+ 建议携带 - 最好一台能执行Xcode 10跟Swift 5的Mac - Xcode 10.2 預先安裝 - 初学者:安装了最新Swift Playgrounds app的iPad, iOS 11+

What's new in Swift 5?

Peace Square

Learn about all that is new in Swift 5 and how to get your hands on the latest and so that you can stay in the loop

Nested Collection View Controllers


We are going to learn how to create nested collection view controllers that are commonly seen in production iOS apps!

Cell Snapping: Learn to snap cells in a Collection View

Learn how to create snapping collection views!

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Input Accessory View for Quick Text Inputs

Starbucks (opposite Tin Hau station exits A or B)

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