What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in learning to code and develop real web applications and websites. No prior knowledge or experience necessary! Complete beginners are welcome!

Each meetup is a workshop, so come with a laptop and a desire to build. We will learn important fundamental concepts while creating and launching real projects.

There will be multiple parallel streams of workshops throughout the year. Each workshop is of certain level.

Level 1: absolute beginners, starting from scratch.
Level 2: some minor experience in writing HTML and/or small programs or exercises.
Level 3: you've built a small app in the past.
Level 4: you've worked with frameworks and databases.
Level 5: you've deployed live apps with persistent storage and orchestration; can work with Git.

The overall program includes the following topics:

• HTTP, basic web architecture

• HTML/CSS and modern web design

• Bootstrap 4

• Python/Flask and backend (server) web development

• JavaScript and React; modern ES6, Babel

• Databases and SQL

• Git and Github

Level 1 (and some level 2) workshops are completely free of charge. There are also free handouts, cheatsheets and homework. Depending on the venue, the number of available spots might be limited.

More in depth workshops will require a fee.

About the instructor: my name is Rakhim, I'm a software developer since 2005 and I've been teaching computer programming for the past 6 years. I co-founded an educational startup Hexlet Oy, and now going back to offline teaching.

You can read my articles at https://rakhim.org and check out my YouTube lessons at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBmKU1FHwhAoljWDORWgcRA

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Workshop level 1: Basics of Python

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Workshop level 1: HTTP, basics of Python, HTML, first web app

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