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I teach a sword based martial art that focuses on team based tactics. I am trained in single sword, sword and shield, and double sword usage. We use bamboo practice shinais as our base equipment. We are part of the Sword of the Spirit organization with fields in California and Georgia. I am starting a field here in Atlanta and looking for people eager to learn. Learn more about our rules, ranks, and martial art at http://www.sotscm.org/rules . Hope to see you there.

Our organization is free to join and I provide all equipment needed to participate, however, here are some items you may want to bring or be aware of:

Eye protection: Eye protection is mandatory and I will have glasses available, but if you have something you’d prefer to wear please bring it.

Gloves: Gloves are not mandatory, but highly encouraged. I tend to have some spares, but I suggest bringing some that fit your hand size. Typically, a glove with some knuckle guards is useful.

Shoes: We fight outside, both on concrete and dirt. Closed toed shoes with grip is recommended.

Clothing: Whatever you feel comfortable to move in for exercise is suggested. Freedom of movement is important.

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Sword Training!

Brookhaven Park

Come join us and do some sword fighting ⚔️

Group Sword Day

Brookhaven Park

Group day! Hope to have a big group again. Had 23 people last time. Look forward to seeing you then. Please reach out if you have any questions. Be sure to RSVP :)

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Saturday training

Marie Sims Park

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