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I am tentatively closing this meetup (Oct 2018) to double efforts on Learn Web Development LA. We'll see how this works out. If it doesn't go as expected, I may re-open it in the winter (Dec 2018). Thanks for supporting me this past year, it's been unreal.

Want to code but don't know how to start? This meet up is for you.

What language should I learn to create mobile apps / game / website / etc?
What language should I learn to get a programming job?

We often look for the shortest path, when the longest path is the quickest way there.

The correct question is, what's the quickest way to learn programming? Get the fundamentals, then pivot to any language with relative ease (think Spanish -> French). I recommend Python. It's simple, modern and powerful. If we do it right, the skill will stick, then you can pivot to whatever you want to do.

Python -> Swift (iPhone apps)
Python -> Java (Android apps)
Python -> ASP.NET and C# (jobs)
Python -> Django (website)
Python -> Ruby on Rails (website)

What's wrong with how we teach Python?

There are two types of learning material:

• Material where you learn how to program, but never anything useful. You finish the course and end up asking, "okay... now what?"

• Material that appears to be useful, but goes so fast that you end up being lost or frustrated. You don't even finish the course because you don't get it.

We are looking for that goldilocks spot, where you understand the material and learn useful things.

What will we be doing?

I'm a traveler, so I use rapid learning techniques to learn new languages. We'll be using these same techniques to learn coding. Consider it the programming equivalent of learning through immersion.

Who should join?

Fresh beginners. This course is designed for newbies, so it'll be too slow for experts. If you can create a text-based game (like mafia wars or RPG pirate game) with ease, then you are outside the bounds of this group.

People who are comfortable with computers. Coding is expert level computer usage, so you should be comfortable installing/uninstalling programs and navigate through folders on your computer. You don't need coding experience, but you shouldn't be scared of your computer either.

People with the right attitude. Learning to code is hard. You'll make a lot of mistakes, so you'll need to be comfortable with that. Rapid learning techniques will force you out of your comfort zone and make your head hurt, it's the price for learning at top speeds.

Thanks for supporting me this past year, it's been unreal.

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